Traducción de nonsensical en Español:


disparatado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌnɑnˈsɛnsək(ə)l//nɒnˈsɛnsɪk(ə)l/


  • 1

    • However, words tend to fail when it comes to making sense of Herriman's often nonsensical tales.
    • It was a nonsensical argument and one got the impression that Kerr did not believe it himself.
    • In sensory or receptive aphasia, there is a problem with comprehension, and affected people produce speech that sounds fluent but is actually nonsensical or full of meaningless jargon.
    • This argument is as nonsensical as it is cruel and an extra billion is not enough.
    • We should nip this nonsensical argument in the bud before it's taken too far, and the federal government follows.
    • But here's the philosophical conundrum: how can one exercise common sense when the rules themselves are nonsensical?
    • So we must try to make sense of what seems on the surface to be nonsensical.
    • And in any case, we could take the second meaning of the word ‘insubstantial’ into consideration and say that dreams are meaningless and far too nonsensical.
    • As the wall is not finished, this is a nonsensical argument.
    • If the writer's argument is nonsensical, readers are quick to say so.
    • Her experience is not only painful; it seems meaningless and nonsensical.
    • Then, having apparently resolved their nonsensical argument, the sorcerer said a phrase in a language Isobel did not understand.
    • Consequently, his lawyers are talking to Martel's lawyers, who are the only people likely to profit from this nonsensical argument.
    • As a result, he develops more arguments against rationalism, and finds them more and more nonsensical and therefore less worthwhile reading.
    • Van Bebber and Taylor pointed out the same errors in Ross's earlier book, and it's tiresome to see Ross repeating discredited nonsensical arguments time after time.
    • Instead, many critics have focused on a fairly nonsensical argument.
    • I laughed, delighted with the nonsensical argument.
    • As their argument sinks, the nonsensical numbers of the Lancet Study are all that is left to cling to.
    • I couldn't remember all the games I came up with, some that made sense and others that were completely nonsensical.
    • It looked nonsensical and meaningless but held its own importance.