Traducción de nonsmoker en Español:


no fumador, n.

Pronunciación /ˌnɑnˈsmoʊkər//nɒnˈsməʊkə/


  • 1

    no fumador masculino
    no fumadora femenino
    persona que no fuma femenino
    for nonsmokers para no fumadores
    • I'd prefer a nonsmoker preferiría un no fumador / alguien que no fumase
    • They are jeopardising their own health and that of non-smokers who have to walk through their smoke.
    • Despite this, more than 3,000,000 non-smokers are exposed to second-hand smoke at work.
    • Many, if not most, non-smokers find tobacco smoke an unpleasant irritant.
    • Earlier research into the effects of second-hand smoke had focused on non-smokers living with smokers.
    • In Yorkshire the survey found a third of smokers and four out of five non-smokers said they found smoking a big turn-off.
    • He actively disliked non-smokers and merrily mocked teetotallers.
    • They have instead pushed for better facilities for non-smokers and a ban on smoking in restaurants only.
    • Thus it is the negative impact of smoke that non-smokers object to.
    • The risks have been proven so why must non-smokers still be subjected to smoke they don't want to inhale?
    • Despite being a non-smoker with smoke sensitive eyes, I am strongly opposed to the new restrictions on smokers.
    • Is this ban about persuading smokers to quit or protecting non-smokers from second-hand smoke?
    • I am all for people's rights and a smoker has as much of a right to smoke as a non-smoker has the right to clean air.
    • It confirms that action to end smoking in the workplace would cut the risk to non-smokers and save the lives of smokers as well.
    • However, non-smokers should understand that people smoke and many smoke out of addiction.
    • This is fine for smokers but non-smokers having chosen not to smoke shouldn't have to put up with the smell on them really.
    • All enclosed spaces where smokers and non-smokers mix should be smoke free on public health grounds.
    • If the owners prefer to allow smoking, non-smokers can accept that or stay away, they say.
    • Why should non-smokers have to deal with the smoke forced into their lungs?
    • The implication here is that pension providers fear fraud by non-smokers pretending to smoke in order to get a higher pension.
    • Two-thirds of grown-ups in Bolton do not smoke, therefore non-smokers are in the majority.