Traducción de nonstop en Español:


directo, adj.

Pronunciación /nɒnˈstɒp//ˌnɑnˈstɑp/


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    (journey) directo
    (journey) sin paradas
    (flight) sin escalas
    (flight) directo
    • The airline now operates 36 daily non-stop flights from Milwaukee to 16 destinations.
    • The non-stop service will operate four times a week, leaving Manchester at 9.15 pm on Mondays and Thursdays and 10.15 am on Wednesdays and Sundays.
    • Caribbean Sun Airlines will soon be offering daily, non-stop flights from Antigua to St Thomas, US Virgin Islands.
    • Northwest provides non-stop service to 167 destinations from the Twin Cities.
    • The bus was on a non-stop 33-hour journey from Calais to Barcelona, with the drivers sleeping on board in between shifts.
    • Hawaiian Airlines links key West Coast markets with Maui in time for the summer travel season with three daily non-stop flights.
    • Many passengers found the inaugural non-stop flights more convenient and expressed their wish for regular direct flights between Shanghai and Taipei.
    • Continental Airways is also planning the first non-stop flight between USA and India.
    • Continental Airlines has begun non-stop service between its Newark hub and Barbados.
    • Previously, AirTran flew non-stop flights between the cities only on Saturday.
    • This will provide daily non-stop flights (all days of the week) to Bombay from April 1.
    • U.S. Airways reports that two women were allowed to board the six-hour, non-stop flight from Philadelphia to Seattle with their pig.
    • For passengers used to flying almost anywhere from Denver on a non-stop United flight, they would have to connect via someone else's hub.
    • Starting October 2, the three flights which used to be non-stop on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday now stop in Tokyo.
    • Air Canada now flies one daily non-stop flight between Toronto and Hong Kong.
    • But US airports have only reopened to American carriers operating non-stop international flights from high-security foreign airports.
    • Boeing says the latest version of the 777 will commence flying next year, with capacity for 300 passengers and cargo on a non-stop trip to Sydney.
    • US Airways operates non-stop round-trip flights from Philadelphia every Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday.
    • By air SAS Scandinavian Airlines offers daily non-stop flights from Heathrow to both Oslo and Stavanger.
    • Despite their relative remoteness, the Turks and Caicos Islands are easily accessed from this part of the world, via non-stop British Airways flights from London.


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    (work/talk) sin parar
    • Since then, Skyla has been working toward her goals non-stop.
    • It has been snowing for two days non-stop in Toronto.
    • They had conversed non-stop during the flight making a four-hour trip seem less tedious.
    • They chatted non-stop about me, not even pausing to let Zach or his 6th grade cousin (also named Zach) to release a comment.
    • Seven years later, Argentina's Antonio Abertondo become the first man to swim both ways non-stop in 43 hours five minutes.
    • Downstairs in the bar, they'll be screening 60s videos non-stop.
    • They played 52 hours non-stop at the Rolls-Royce Club.
    • I can't believe that doing the same routine for about 4 months non-stop hasn't killed him yet, but here's hoping it'll still be hilarious.
    • He continued to sprint non-stop down the high street.
    • But if we'd worked non-stop I'm sure I wouldn't have got married or had kids and we might not have been able to get to our dad's bedside before he died.
    • Throughout the last 150 years, the Western Telegraph has continued non-stop to bring the news to Pembrokeshire and West Wales.
    • Robin laughs non-stop day and night, pausing only for meals and medication breaks.
    • He's been zigzagging across the continent for nearly 20 years, non-stop.
    • Last October a Taiwanese man died of exhaustion after playing computer games non-stop for 32 hours in an Internet cafe.
    • After the passing of his brother, Frank, Uncle Fletcher continued to work non-stop within the community, striving for better conditions and quality for his people.
    • They talked non-stop for the entire flight about their mundane jobs in excruciating detail and in annoyingly loud voices.
    • Now before I stopped two months ago, I was able to jog for 16 minutes non-stop covering about 3 KM.
    • The first workshops will be held in April and continue non-stop until the parade on Friday, June 21.
    • This should continue non-stop until 2004, when she is up for re-election.
    • It rained non-stop for three days prior to the fight date, a steady downpour such as only Southeast Asia can produce.
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    (sail/fly) sin hacer escalas