Traducción de nontechnical en Español:


no técnico, adj.

Pronunciación /nɑnˈtɛknɪkəl//nɒnˈtɛknɪk(ə)l/


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    no técnico
    • But the findings may not be applicable to nontechnical fields or to environments in which the standard models for engineering management do not apply.
    • It is my intention to help and answer this question with non-technical, real world solutions and to give a solid overview of the storage options and how they work.
    • Keeping customers' data confidential involves using tools that ensure against data leakage but, just as importantly, it calls for employee awareness and other non-technical measures, he says.
    • In this process, it has become clear that Europe opposes the broad non-technical patents on business methods that are now available in the U.S., signaling a major rift in international standards of patentability.
    • Just as this process can help map intellectual property space and protect ideas, it can also help in other nontechnical areas, such as justifying development plans or generating strategic product plans.
    • It organises the non-technical aspects of the programme, for example, team building, diet, fitness and communication skills.
    • There are nontechnical means to blocking signals as well.
    • They train these members in non-technical tasks including marshalling aircraft, connecting power, daily servicing of power carts, manning fire fighting equipment and generally assisting aircrew.
    • In addition, the 2005 program combines non-technical topics such as wine selection, financial planning for retirement and project management skills with the traditional technical sessions.
    • Fishbein said that the point of the new courses is to get students to analyze and improve their non-technical skills.
    • As the subject matter becomes increasingly broad, non-technical, and abstract, descriptive vocabularies vary and sources become scattered and diffuse.
    • Competence in other non-technical skills may not be expected without the benefit of post-baccalaureate education and in these areas, CLS programs can provide a foundation for future learning.
    • Informing society about the non-technical aspects and implications of engineering has been the aim of the nine-year-old Bridging the Gap lecture series.
    • Though we can't eliminate the risk through technology, we should still build some partial defenses to reduce the risk, and also need to look for sensible non-technical steps.