Traducción de nontoxic en Español:


no tóxico, adj.

Pronunciación /nɑnˈtɑksɪk//nɒnˈtɒksɪk/


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    no tóxico
    • Each genetic insertion creates the added possibility that formerly non-toxic elements in the food could become toxic.
    • It is non-toxic and relatively safe, with few side effects.
    • Officials say they believe it's a non-toxic material, but say they are keeping the airport closed until they identify it positively.
    • This interpretation is very worrying for environmentalists because it fails to distinguish between toxic and non-toxic products.
    • All the ingredients are non-toxic and safe to use around pets, children and wildlife.
    • Dr Duke says cultivating a non-toxic variety, and then growing a crop for oil, could reduce concerns about the weed.
    • The artist is quick to point out than the paint he uses is non-toxic, non - radioactive and non-carcinogenic.
    • Homoeopathic medicines are safe, non-toxic, non-addictive and easy to take.
    • The database included toxic and non-toxic compounds.
    • It's safe, non-toxic and highly effective in attacking dirt, oil and grease.
    • If you want an effective non-toxic control for snails and insects in your garden, consider one or two Muscovy ducks.
    • The dose level selected for the present study was non-toxic and safe.
    • The batteries have a long life and are non-toxic.
    • Scrapstore collects clean, re-usable, non-toxic waste from businesses and makes it available to the local community.
    • If you had a choice, wouldn't you prefer to use products that contain safe and non-toxic ingredients?
    • Keep simple, non-toxic pest and disease control products on hand.
    • The £1.50 product, which cost thousands of pounds to develop, is made of non-toxic chemicals.
    • It is also non-toxic and hypo-allergenic to livestock and humans.
    • Resulting solids are landfilled and the non-toxic liquid can be treated in a variety of ways depending on scale.
    • Green tea is generally considered a safe, non-toxic beverage and consumption is usually without side-effects.