Traducción de nonverbal en Español:


no verbal, adj.

Pronunciación /nɑnˈvərbəl///


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    no verbal
    • While she was testifying, Ms. Azar watched Mr. Jalakh carefully, trying to pick up his verbal and non-verbal cues.
    • It's no revelation that families talk to each other in unique ways, quite often in a non-verbal manner.
    • The performances are particularly commendable because the actors communicate so much about their characters in a non-verbal way.
    • We are all aware that a lot of interpersonal communication occurs through non-verbal gestures.
    • Practice will help you improve how you speak as well as your use of non-verbal communication.
    • It understands and explores the world through touch, and it has a vast repertoire of non-verbal forms of communication.
    • It's about a mindset and a lifestyle, and the non-verbal aspects of them.
    • A non-verbal piece, it has been choreographed to a dramatic score by musician and sound designer, Sawan Dutta.
    • Cultural differences would have some impact on Salem's ability to read people, but apparently much non-verbal communication is universal.
    • In many situations, non-verbal communication based on signing and body language was all that was possible.
    • They are also likely to give verbal or non-verbal cues.
    • Remember the importance of non-verbal communication.
    • Most communication between people is non-verbal.
    • My real passion lies with non-verbal circus performance as I believe it's the only international theatre.
    • You need not even make the effort; non-verbal signals will do the job for you.
    • The non-verbal cues given during a face-to-face meeting will not come across in an electronic survey.
    • Are you sending a non-verbal message that supports your words?
    • The translator must pay special attention to the non-verbal aspects of communication.
    • Released at the height of the space race, it's a non-verbal visual experience and features four episodes.
    • Sufferers have difficulty forming social relationships, problems with verbal and non-verbal communication and a lack of imagination.