Traducción de nonwhite en Español:


de color, adj.

Pronunciación ///ˌnɑnˈ(h)waɪt/


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    de color
    • Everyone was for tariff protection and everyone was against non-white migrants.
    • After a brief spell, the French decided the universal rights of man did not apply to non-white people.
    • But I have more non-white friends in Greensboro, Alabama than I do in London.
    • The other problem is that many of the really great non-white reporters out there are just too much in demand.
    • It reveals that more than half of whites have no non-white friends and that only 20 per cent of whites have a Muslim friend.
    • ‘Dark’ included pure brown eyes, usually of non-white people, and all other shades of brown.
    • It took the nation almost three quarters of a century to accept non-white immigrants.
    • Sadly, for non-white people associated with football, racist comments come as no surprise.
    • The residual vote rate of a county does depend on the percent of non-white residents in the county.
    • Our family lived in a small town in the interior of B.C. and we were the only family that had non-white children.
    • Subsequent legislation in 1971 and 1981 has made it more difficult for non-white immigrants to enter.
    • I try to put that pro-immigrant message and the interests of immigrants and non-white people in the center.
    • After all, so many of these new post-1965 immigrants are non-white people living in a predominantly white society.
    • By 1966 most of the regulations restricting immigration of non-white people to Australia had been removed and multiculturalism was adopted.
    • When Springbok head coach Jake White announced his squad, there were 11 non-white players in it.
    • Teaching American history without stirring accounts of non-white heroes and cultures is irresponsible as well as divisive.
    • What then are the reasonable openings for non-white actors in plays which, as a matter of historical fact, were written with white actors in mind?
    • Other reports of the march suggested that among the crowd there was quite a high percentage of non-white people, overwhelmingly Muslims.
    • Ben, if you don't believe in violence against non-white people, why did you so actively partake in it?
    • In the United States there was also at first no restriction on immigration, at least until non-white persons began immigrating in large numbers.


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    persona de color femenino