Traducción de noon en Español:


mediodía, n.

Pronunciación /nuːn//nun/


  • 1

    mediodía masculino
    at noon a mediodía
    • until noon hasta (el) mediodía
    • I'm enjoying sleeping in until noon everyday and having nothing in particular to do.
    • All he wanted was dive into a steaming bath and then sleep until noon the next day.
    • A typical day would have schools programmes from ten to twelve noon and again from two to three in the afternoon.
    • The noon show is full on all days and even for the late night show, balcony seats get filled up fast.
    • They rode on for hours until at around noon they decided to give their horses a rest.
    • The fun starts at noon and will continue until late in the afternoon at the resort's annual West End Festival.
    • Play will start at noon on Saturday and continue until noon on Sunday.
    • The festivities start at noon and will last until early evening, when every canine will receive a doggy bag to take home.
    • She wakes up early in the morning and works on her wood sculptures until about noon.
    • His brown skin glistens in the burning noon sun, and his hair is tousled, streaked brown.
    • I could tell by its position in the sky that it was almost noon, over twelve hours from the last thing I remembered.
    • Tickets will go on general sale in Hull from 9am on Saturday and be available until noon on the day of the game.
    • The traditional team lunch started at noon and went on until whichever nightclub you were in finally threw you out.
    • As usual it starts on Wednesday and a decision will be delivered at twelve noon on Thursday.
    • If you have the get up and go that boss Mike Ryan demands he'll let you stay in bed until noon once a week.
    • The event is free from noon until 7pm but people need tickets for the evening concerts.
    • Telephone lines will be open from noon on Christmas Eve until midnight on Boxing Day.
    • He works steadily all day and into the early morning, sleeps a few hours, gets up and works until noon.
    • The men stay in bed until noon, because there's nothing for them to do.
    • In most of the places they were not supplied with anything to eat until noon.