Traducción de north en Español:


norte, n.

Pronunciación /nɔrθ//nɔːθ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(point of the compass, direction)

      norte masculino
      the north el Norte
      • the North el Norte
      • it lies to the north of the city está al norte de la ciudad
      • the wind is blowing from / is in the north el viento sopla / viene del norte / Norte
      • the window faces north la ventana da / mira al norte
      • north by west norte cuarta al noroeste
      • north-northwest nornoroeste
      • north-northeast nordnord-este
      • Mayor Charles Smith called the existing site, to the north of Swans Green Close junction, an ‘eyesore’ and said action had to be taken.
      • Since Friday they have shared a hotel to the north of London with another football side - Brazil.
      • Fortunately for Bermuda, it's expected to pass almost 400 miles to the north of the island and is unlikely to lead to anything worse than a slightly windy day tomorrow.
      • Milnthorpe has always been well known as a welcome stop-off point on journeys north on the A6, and today the village is still definitely worth a visit.
      • Without any explanation at all, Master Jezro lumbered off towards the north one day, and to my knowledge, he was never seen again.
      • Ice is building on the trees along my way, worse the farther north I drive.
      • Your observing site should have a low horizon just to the north of due east.
      • Five armies in those spaces can be defended by up to seven units placed directly to the north of that line, yet only five units can attack from the south.
      • East Dunbartonshire, to the north of Glasgow, is another region where aspirant parents try to send their children to top-performing state schools.
      • To the north of the site is Lynn Medical Centre and directly opposite the site are the grounds of Ashford Castle.
      • A few blocks to the north of me, 96th street is blocked off by police lines; I saw them when I was out walking the dog.
      • This gets more extreme the further north you go.
      • We'd both dreamed of opening a dive school, so we moved a few hours north to a fishing village called Terrigal, on the Central Coast, and opened a little dive school on the beach.
      • The white smoke rose in a small trail towards the stormy skies, far to the north of the two warriors.
      • But I do think that the further north you go from Marco Island, the less likely there's going to be major damage.
      • The 4 principal directions shown on a compass - north, south, east, west - are known as Cardinal Points.
      • To the north of the cathedral is the Historical Treasures Museum, devoted mainly to artefacts and precious stones and metals from Ukraine.
      • Wallis is an island of 23 square miles to the north of Fiji and west of Tonga and Samoa.
      • I did a quick assessment of the surrounding terrain and decided to head out towards a clump of rocks to the north of the house.
      • The furthest north I've been in this country is Cooktown.
      • It's a quarter-mile long street in the City of London, just to the north of St Paul's Cathedral, named after the Dukes of Brittany who once used to own the land round here.

    • 1.2(region)

      the north el norte
      • the North el norte
      • a town in the north of Spain una ciudad del norte / en el norte de España
      • the Far North el Polo Norte

  • 2

    (in US history)
    the North el Norte
  • 3North

    (in bridge)
    Norte masculino


  • 1

    (face/wall) (invariable adjective) norte
    (face/wall) septentrional
    a strong north wind un fuerte viento norte / del norte


  • 1

    al norte
    the house faces north la casa está orientada / da al norte
    • we sailed north for three hours navegamos tres horas en dirección norte
    • north of sth al norte de algo
    • it is north of Rome está al norte de Roma
    • Wyoming 193, just north of Buffalo, leads north to the visitor's center at Fort Kearny.
    • As we drove north I passed through a landscape that revealed much of its remarkable past.
    • California is the latest in a string of several states in the past year to send delegations north to investigate Canada's Internet pharmacies.
    • Being so far north he says that his winter lasts 7 months and that he has 5 months to grow enough fodder for seven months' feeding.
    • In his day he guided for the Texas Rangers and drove cattle north to the railheads.
    • The Bowery, a street in lower Manhattan, runs north for about a mile from Chatham Square to Cooper Square.
    • The route starts about halfway down the west shore of the lake at the Red Nab car park and heads north, hugging the shoreline for about one mile before coming to grassy open fields.
    • Mr Paton said many whales had been sighted so far during this year's annual migration of the whales north from Antarctica to the Great Barrier Reef.
    • As the No 17 noses north, however, the vista changes rapidly.
    • I started in Beadlam and followed north a narrow shallow wooded valley called Howldale Lane with, either side, fields and abandoned mini quarries.
    • The route is liable to change - it goes out of London via Epping Forest, then heads north towards Sudbury, before wheeling east across Suffolk.
    • The driver flips on flashing lights, plugs in a bootleg tape of an Asian girl singing Cyndi Lauper songs, and flies north out of Mogaung.
    • We drove up 6 hours north along the coast, to stay with my husband's parents.
    • As I drive north that night, the moon lights a fantastic landscape of crumbling ridges and twisting canyons.
    • This legislation could have been passed, and that would have ensured that a road was being constructed as people drove north this Christmas.
    • The team compensated by driving several hours north to Sheep Mountain, near Glenallen, on the weekends to train.
    • Mr Wild said it was pitch black at night and she could see nothing, but heard one of the vehicles being driven north and then, a short time later, heard someone come back.