Traducción de northeasterly en Español:


del nor(d)este, adj.

Pronunciación /nɔːθˈiːst(ə)li//ˌnɔrθˈistərli/


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    (wind) del nor(d)este
    in a northeasterly direction hacia el nor(d)este
    • Experts said they had been washed ashore by exceptionally strong north-easterly winds which had churned up the seabed off north Norfolk.
    • Saying so assumes that there will be more north-easterly winds.
    • Wednesday last was July ‘Fair Day’ in Swinford and the weather was ideal for the occasion with a light north-easterly breeze.
    • I have barely sat down again when, unbelievably, I hear the jet approaching again from a north-easterly direction.
    • Currently, the northern boundary of the exclusion zone runs along the Belham Valley and then in a north-easterly direction.
    • The wind is picking up and blowing 15-20 knots north-easterly, which I hope is enough to miss the protruding land mass of Tenerife.
    • They're scorched a little on the north-easterly side, leaving the rest green still and, in some cases still growing.
    • Just before the 19.30 sets off in a north-easterly direction from King's Cross, she'll be standing on the door trying to keep order.
    • Coast starts from the famous landmark of John O'Groats - the most north-easterly point of the British mainland.
    • Those tall red cliffs are hammered in the winter months by prevailing north-easterly winds that generate heavy seas.
    • Monday's strong wind gave the fleet a good race as boats tacked off from the start to find the best wind in the main north-westerly, or to pick up the north-easterly air stream down Troutbeck.
    • A near cloudless sky and a light north-easterly breeze made it feel more like a day in early June than in October.
    • The week past saw very little angling pressure on all trout waters within the region, the low temperatures brought about by the cold north-easterly winds keeping anglers indoors.
    • Groundwater from that site would flow in a north-easterly direction according to the flow field that I mentioned earlier, and that would pass under the north-west corner during those conditions.
    • A good example is the Bora wind which is a cold north-easterly wind which blows in winter down the east coast of the Adriatic from the Balkan mountains.
    • He claimed today's storm, which is caused by a severe depression travelling in a north-easterly direction over the Atlantic, would be the most violent to hit Ireland since the late 1970s.
    • They dug a channel about 100 metres long to take it around the north-easterly side of Cannon Hill.
    • To the north are the Northamptonshire uplands, the most north-easterly extension of the broad band of limestone that runs diagonally across England and is best exposed as the Cotswold hills.
    • They found ‘high’ sulphur levels in some tree species from 20 to 40 miles in a north-easterly direction from Sudbury.
    • The birds, about the same size as a starling and brown with a distinctive head crest, normally travel south for food in winter, but only come to Britain when there are strong north to north-easterly winds.

nombrePlural northeasterlies

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    viento del nor(d)este masculino