Traducción de northern en Español:


del norte, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈnɔrðərn//ˈnɔːð(ə)n/


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    (region/country) del norte
    (region/country) septentrional
    (country/region) norteño
    (region/country) nortino Perú Chile
    northern England el norte de Inglaterra
    • (in US) the northern states los estados del norte
    • northern Europe el Norte de Europa
    • the Northern Hemisphere el hemisferio norte / septentrional
    • the northern lights la aurora boreal
    • the Northern Territory el Territorio del Norte
    • Wismar, in northern Germany, is situated on an inlet of the Baltic Sea.
    • Spots of snow still lurk on northern slopes while glacial lilies unfurl in patches of sunlight.
    • It was situated towards the northern end of the forest, a mile or so from the outskirts of the town of Lariat.
    • Situated on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is in easy reach of the wonders of nature.
    • He wrote to the landowner implying that he had also encountered an Early Medieval ditch on one of the lower breaks of slope on the northern face.
    • Moving towards the northern ward where Devin had curled up earlier she tried to shake him awake but it was no use.
    • The northern entrance is situated right next to the recently opened Abbeyleix Manor Hotel.
    • It is a lovely circuit of Lingmoor Fell, so called because of the abundance of heather on its northern slopes.
    • This is where the green belt begins, the northern slopes rolling down to form the edge of Epping Forest.
    • More importantly, the Skemp site is situated near the northern edge of this sample area.
    • The site chosen is located against the northern slope of the Old Fort in Johannesburg.
    • The current situation is that the northern half of Gladstone Road, Russell Road and Palmerston Road are all shared use bays.
    • This tour is centred around the small village of Apriltsi, in the northern slopes of the Balkan mountains.
    • The main public space is placed towards the northern edge of the site.
    • My own experience with men on the street in northern India is direct.
    • Millions of gallons of water poured through and rushed into the northern suburbs and on towards the city centre.
    • He advocated the idea of a Greater Macedonia, extending towards northern Greece.
    • The road was widened and a roundabout installed on the northern end to direct traffic down to Finisklin.
    • In the afternoon, we went on a tour of the United Nations offices, located towards the northern end of the city.
    • In reality, it is a long, slightly bent collection of broken reefs surrounding a sheltered lagoon towards the northern end.