Traducción de northerner en Español:



Pronunciación /ˈnɔːð(ə)nə//ˈnɔrðərnər/


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    habitante o persona oriunda del norte de un país o de una región
    the northerners los del norte del país (or de la región etc.)
    • Surely this pattern can be taken as an indication of the preferences of landlords and other northerners.
    • Yet, in a week when four Highland clubs are aspiring to follow Inverness up the leagues, the absences also serve as a measure of how far Paterson's northerners have come in five short seasons.
    • As it happened the group was fairly evenly divided between northerners and southerners.
    • The tendency of southerners to outnumber northerners in the army continued to the outbreak of civil war.
    • Those moving north, who have made a killing on their property sale in London, are competing with wealthier northerners for the better properties.
    • As a northerner who is admittedly guilty of having done some southern bashing in my time, I am ashamed of the intellectual vanity of these people, and of my own past mockery.
    • There are a lot of northerners who've moved down there.
    • To determine if this was the case requires a comparison of foreigners, northerners, and southerners at the same levels of wealth.
    • Being a northerner, I didn't like Southern Ice Tea when I first tried it.
    • The northerners were never allowed any leeway.
    • The study found that, compared with visitors from the south of England, northerners were twice as likely to have phoned in sick so that they could spend the day at Alton Towers.
    • The possibility that the historic figure was a northerner rather than a southerner has been revived with the launch of a new Hollywood film, called simply King Arthur, which will be screened in this country from July 30.
    • Though they were few in the countryside, northerners and foreigners concentrated in large numbers in urban places.
    • She was a quiet southern belle and I was a loud northerner.
    • To those, mainly northerners, who denounced the brutality, others, often southerners, replied that the exemplary punishment was justified by its outcome.
    • As a result of much dissatisfaction with far away government in Adelaide, several northerners formed the Great Northern League.
    • It was conducted by market researchers Taylor Nelson Sofres, and showed more southerners than northerners wished to lose weight.
    • Ten years ago, Ivorians weren't northerners or southerners.
    • The framework of clans is of great importance to most Chadians, be they northerners or southerners, though clans are of declining relevance in the towns.
    • Two minutes later Simon Rea was unfortunate to see the ball cross the square with the goalie gone and still the ball didn't go into the Monaghan net, a mighty let off for the northerners.