Traducción de nosh-up en Español:


comilona, n.

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    comilona femenino coloquial
    • Because each year, all the Oscar nominees get together for a giant nosh-up.
    • ‘I've finished with me nosh-up,’ Ringo said and pushed his plate towards the center of the table.
    • We had missed the biggest celebration of Joyce nosh-ups, which had happened the previous Sunday.
    • Men may be from Mars and women from Venus but when it comes to the Lord Mayor of York's Christmas nosh-up, both sexes are on an equal footing.
    • He has also taken to task the organisers of the Lord Mayor of York's Christmas nosh-up - advertised as being for pensioners.
    • I went out with Gillian last night for a drink or two, a good ol’ gossip, and a nosh-up at the EAMAYL (Eat As Much As You Like) Chinese restaurant.
    • Some of the questioners seem to be hung up on the boozy nosh-up.
    • Anyway - as Fi was out of the country for our traditional nosh-up at my mum's and the usual meal out just before Xmas, we decided to surprise her with another dinner - roast, tatties, Xmas tree, carols, charades, crackers, Xmas pud - the works!
    • Baits in summer really don't matter too much with big hungry carp swimming around on the prowl for a good nosh-up but in winter I feel the bait, and the baiting up, is probably the most crucial factor to success.