Traducción de nostalgic en Español:


nostálgico, adj.

Pronunciación /nɑˈstældʒɪk//nɒˈstaldʒɪk//nəˈstældʒɪk/


  • 1

    to be nostalgic for sth sentir nostalgia de/por algo
    • I was transfixed by this sentimental and nostalgic portrait of a 1930s Donegal family.
    • He worked there for 32 years and was somewhat nostalgic about the final departure of the plant.
    • Tapes of military marches, a drill sergeant's orders and nostalgic 1950s songs add to the atmosphere.
    • His mother's nostalgic memories had led Juan to expect a town ‘that smelled of spilt honey’.
    • It's not just a nice piece for nostalgic fans, but a classic of the genre that can be enjoyed by anyone.
    • Great issue, great interview, which made me very nostalgic for those days when Eddie had a website and was a publisher.
    • The factory is situated in a romantic garden and is full of nostalgic paraphernalia.
    • In a world where the microwave has become the magic wand of the kitchen, how welcome to read such nostalgic sentiments.
    • There will be happy nostalgic memories for the many folk who frequented that popular venue in their youth having now advanced a few years.
    • The history of each one has been put into print - stories and pictures that make for nostalgic reading.
    • Individually and culturally, we are preposterously nostalgic for it.
    • Panache provides the women folk nostalgic images by reviving the art of handmade jewellery as they are now not in vogue.
    • There was a time when the dysfunctions of my childhood and adolescence took on this rosy nostalgic glow.
    • In her art, she said she attempts to evoke the nostalgic beauty of another era.
    • Pretty, feminine, soft and fluid silhouettes make a new statement of nostalgic romance.
    • And to celebrate, all kinds of nostalgic nonsense is being pumped out of the country's TV sets.
    • Saxophonist Greg Tardy provides a good foil with some subtly understated and nostalgic lines that catch the mood of the night.
    • Alexei Sayle would adopt a maudlin, nostalgic whine and a watery half-smile as he recalled the glories of the music hall.
    • In Her Shoes certainly honours that tradition but in a way that makes it much more than a retro treat for movie buffs and nostalgic oldies.
    • The steam locomotive evokes nostalgic memories of a bygone era with its glory and old age charm.