Traducción de notably en Español:


notablemente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈnoʊdəbli//ˈnəʊtəbli/


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    • Advances against the diseases were notably improved by the discovery of their causative microorganisms.
    • Another form of oral activity is notably absent and it is a silence which is truly telling.
    • At least there was now some quality in the hitting, even if subtlety remained notably absent.
    • The devil is notably absent from most of these scenes, which rather emphasise female agency and rebellion.
    • What is notably absent is any of Laing's more recent figurative sculpture.
    • The timing is notably off and the delivery comes across as blatantly bitchy.
    • These new styles are remarkable in that they give invariably to their wearers a notably youthful appearance.
    • Michael Hofmann is a poet and translator - notably, of the work of Joseph Roth.
    • There is an obsession with details among all the best managers that is notably absent in McCarthy.
    • What was notably missing from Dyke's lecture last week was any mention of sport, in particular football.
    • However, notably absent were the current world champions.
  • 2

    (in particular)
    en particular
    some groups, notably the better-off, … algunos grupos, particularmente / en particular las clases acomodadas, …
    • Byrne's work has always been engaging and has drawn heavily on historical precedents, most notably pop art.
    • The interiors, notably the three downstairs reception rooms, are surprisingly light and fresh.
    • It can be useful in treating pain and discomfort throughout the body, most notably in cases of chronic headaches.
    • Orders are notably high from the Northeast, where the drought is particularly severe.
    • One area of particularly rapid growth is that of organic baby foods, notably in Germany.
    • Rosanna's dyslexia means she faces daily problems with her schoolwork, most notably her reading.
    • Even when industry seeks green alternatives, it can be hit by other factors, notably commodity prices.
    • England are rather specialising in bad vibes, most notably against Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka, of all teams.
    • This period of French history has proved a rich background for fiction, most notably perhaps for Alan Furst.
    • That is why the game should be prepared to learn from the success of other sports, notably swimming.
    • Other songs, notably Long Shadow, intended for Johnny Cash, are untypically personal.
    • This unfortunately has caused some breakage, notably to the blog archives and to comments.
    • Scotland Yard is also recruiting linguists, notably those who speak Middle Eastern languages.
    • He edited or published a number of magazines, most notably Liberation, which ran for 20 years.
    • Haydock does host Flat racing, most notably the Group One Sprint Cup, but it is primarily known as a jumps course.
    • Many alterations have taken place over the past 600 years, most notably in the addition of the tower.
    • For many reasons, most notably injury, O'Callaghan has had a slow start to the season.
    • Afterwards a few Irish players, most notably Duff, lamented the lost opportunity to earn three points.
    • Some items, notably CDs, are nearly half price in certain eurozone countries, the group says.
    • However police are very aware of recent world events, notably the volatile situation in the Middle East.