Traducción de notebook en Español:


cuaderno, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnoʊtˌbʊk//ˈnəʊtbʊk/


  • 1

    • 1.1(exercise book)

      cuaderno masculino
      • Books are open on every surface, and there are many pages of notebooks strewn around.
      • I took out my book for social and placed my Spanish and math books and notebooks into my locker.
      • Crosswell had begun his own football novel, three handwritten pages in a notebook.
      • Vicki struggled open another box of books and notebooks as she tried to forget that it had been fun.
      • They talked more for another hour, their notebooks and books completely forgotten.
      • I had no backpack, had no textbooks, had no notes, had no notebooks, had no nothing.
      • While she was opening her books and notebooks the girl didn't stop staring at him.
      • When at art college I much preferred flicking through people's notebooks and sketch books than their finished pieces.
      • In our notebook were pages of names and phone numbers of friends he wished to be contacted on his demise.
      • He started talking, and the students all began jotting down notes in their notebooks.
      • Along the shelves were various other notebooks containing the notes of later hunters.
      • The falling leaves land on her books, notebooks, school bag and hair as if each leaf knows its final destination.
      • She entrusted a huge collection of books, documents, notebooks and other items from her news days to the center.
      • She hurriedly started pulling notebooks and books off of the top shelf, almost at random.
      • Already I'd filled many a page in my notebooks with my rants and raves about it.
      • Now the notebooks and books stood neatly stacked on a shelf on top of the desk.
      • I picked up all my books and notebooks in a daze, and was nearly out of the classroom when I felt a tug on my sleeve.
      • I got all of my books and notebooks out and looked at Mr. Walker, who was doing attendance.
      • Well, with that out of the way, please take out your notebooks for some notes.
      • The Toronto officers did not record the interview other than handwritten notes in their notebooks.

    • 1.2(for shorthand)

      libreta femenino
      bloc masculino

    • 1.3US (loose-leaf binder)

      libreta de anillas femenino
      carpeta femenino
      archivador masculino Chile
      folder masculino Colombia

  • 2

    notebook masculino
    notebook femenino América Latina
    computadora portátil femenino
    ordenador portátil masculino España
    • However, notebooks and laptops haven't had the luxury of big drives until recently.
    • Data loss associated with notebooks and portable computers is even more drastic.
    • Compaq's professional computers and notebooks will survive, but under the HP name.
    • While Wi-Fi is becoming a standard feature on notebooks, network coverage is anything but ubiquitous.
    • The company is to develop and supply Bluetooth technology for use in Compaq notebooks and desktops.
    • You only have to look at the increasing number of Centrino-based notebooks arriving through our doors to realise that.
    • Their specialisms suggest the PC giant is buying desktops, notebooks and servers, respectively.
    • Power notebooks and laptops are also the fastest growing area and they will also need electronics which will monitor and control the heat.
    • Next, use the hardware profile to tell the computer it's a notebook with a docking station.
    • This game is clearly intended for value-oriented computers or even notebooks.
    • These memory module types are rarely used in desktop computers and never in notebooks.
    • Dell will now load the software onto notebooks at the customer's discretion, it says.
    • In short, it's easy to grasp what makes a Centrino notebook different from other laptops.
    • IBM's putting Linux on notebooks showed how Linux was moving to the desktop market.
    • He said that a majority of Tosh notebooks would have IBM drives inside them.
    • Some PDAs and notebooks will offer only Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but the vast majority will offer both.
    • The joint venture's portfolio ranges from mainframes to notebooks.
    • Again, traditionally, the desktop line has been fitted with new CPUs ahead of the notebooks.
    • Cellphones today have the same computing power as notebooks did a few years ago.
    • Shares in makers of panels used as computer screens in notebooks, desktop monitors and mobile phones rose.