Traducción de notify en Español:


informar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈnoʊdəˌfaɪ//ˈnəʊtɪfʌɪ/

verbo transitivonotified, notifies, notifying

  • 1

    (in writing) notificar
    the authorities must be notified se debe dar parte a las autoridades
    • we shall notify the winners by post se notificará por carta a los ganadores
    • to notify sb of sth comunicarle algo a algn
    • please notify us immediately of any change of address les rogamos nos comunique de inmediato cualquier cambio de domicilio
    • to notify sb that informarle a algn de que
    • why was I not notified that the meeting had been postponed? ¿por qué no se me avisó que / se me informó de que la reunión había sido aplazada?
    • to notify sth (to sb) dar parte de algo (a algn)
    • As soon as these kids are seen in the town centre the police notify us and warn us, and we refuse them entry.
    • He was notified of Fraser's verdict, along with all others who are to be criticised, by letter last week.
    • Barely one third of school absences were notified to social services departments.
    • Although well warned, she takes the letter in which she is notified that her benefits are to end as a personal affront.
    • Without notifying Daniel or his parents, the principal brought in the police to investigate Daniel's comments.
    • It appears that the practice isn't spending sufficient time in notifying their changes optimally.
    • Dr Pugh said he had not been informed he needed to register with the commission, blaming officials for failing to notify him.
    • All employees were notified of the move in the second half of last year, it said.
    • This determination was notified to the Applicant on 30 October, and the error was then noticed.
    • We were not notified of this meeting and we were promised a meeting with council officers, which has not happened.
    • However, only four residents were notified of the date of the inspector's visit.
    • She added that officers were notified of the discovery of the body this morning after receiving a call from a member of the public.
    • A team was sent to scour the city and the forest services were notified to search the woods.
    • Parents were notified of the study in advance and were able to withdraw their child.
    • Between May and mid-June this year, we were notified of 637 listed building cases.
    • All members are notified of Lost in Leitrim dance events and are also updated on the latest news from the site.
    • Residents were notified of the scheme late last week and claim it will completely change the character of the area.
    • Staff changes were not notified to the Respondents in accordance with the National Standards.
    • I reviewed with her how to stop a nosebleed and advised her to notify me if the problem recurred.
    • The warnings notify him of his rights and assure him that the police are prepared to honor them.
    • His own bank had sold his most private financial information to another corporation without even notifying him, much less getting his permission.
    • For example, a person notifies us that their circumstances have changed but by the time the system catches up and updates their file, they have already received their next few payments.
    • Apart from notifying conversions in the media and calling for objections, the BDA should also seek objections from the immediate neighbours, he said.
    • If confirmed, the Military and or civil police will be notified of the incident.
    • Unfortunately, nobody considered notifying anyone else, and local and state authorities were soon deluged with calls from panicked citizens.
    • A week later we all got letters notifying us about the job.
    • If the assignment is not notified to the borrower, there are additional risks to the parties.
    • Before notifying the plan, the council undertook consultation.
  • 2formal

    (accountant/agent/lawyer) darle instrucciones a