Traducción de nous en Español:


sentido común, n.

Pronunciación /nus//naʊs//naʊs/



  • 1

    sentido común masculino
    tino masculino
    political/financial nous sentido político/financiero
    • to have the nous to + inf tener el (buen) tino de + inf
    • Indeed his new team-mates credited his nous as a key factor in their surprising but enterprising victory at Newport in the Celtic League kick-off a week earlier.
    • What's more, South Africa, who have not been known for their tactical know-how in recent years, are showing a lot more nous under White's leadership.
    • At least they appear to possess more nous [common sense] than is often credited to viewers of that kind of program.
    • But it is hardly surprising - when just about every aspect of the curriculum is now prescribed by the government - that teachers feel impotent to use their own know-how and nous.
    • Within the army there is a general opinion that some officers make good field commanders, but may not have the strategic sense to progress higher up the ranks or the political nous to become a top general.
    • I'm on borrowed time in the game, but I'm probably getting by on a bit of nous, a bit of guile, and a bit of competitive instinct.
    • Whatever way you set out your side, however, Celtic have the options, power and nous to undo any game plan.
    • Fishermen rely on their nous and their knowledge, two things that will be useless in a time of change.
    • So, they acquiesced in the game of the Democratic Leadership Council, surrendered their political nous and sold their souls to arbiters of ‘mainstream’ liberalism.
    • David Aaronovitch accuses the intelligentsia of prejudice, cynicism and a lack of political nous in criticising Tony Blair
    • They maximise their strengths with a combination of superb execution, footballing nous and street wisdom.
    • It was a victory for footballing nous over naivety; intelligence over hopefulness.
    • McAllister's performances caught the eye of Liverpool manager Houllier, who was searching for an experienced campaigner to add nous and wisdom to his young midfield.
    • ‘Active mandates’ - in which investment managers use their nous to decide where to invest for greater returns - command much higher fees.
    • Students will take elements of the university's MBA programme because as well as having the technological skills, companies prefer someone who also has business nous.
    • Sure, it's not brain surgery, but surely we all agree there is is a certain amount of skill and nous and business acumen involved in running a restaurant.
    • Her political nous and plain-speaking (she speaks five languages) made her an instant hit on the political circuit, particularly with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.
    • Keeping sport free of harmful manifestations of politics is another matter, but few sports have ever had leaders with either the will or the political nous to try.
    • But her commercial nous is also easily discernible.
    • What is it about the Dutch that enables a comparatively small nation to produce consecutive generations of players who are streets ahead of their European contemporaries in terms of technique and tactical nous?