Traducción de novice en Español:


principiante, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnɒvɪs//ˈnɑvəs/


  • 1

    principiante femenino
    novato masculino
    novata femenino
    (programmer/skier) (before noun) principiante
    (programmer/skier) (before noun) novato
    I'm a novice at tennis/painting en tenis/pintura soy un principiante / un novato
    • He ended up losing to Michael Burgess, a medical doctor and political novice.
    • Yes, sowing is fiddly, to a degree that can terrify novice gardeners.
    • Louise, a fellow novice, and I are in excited anticipation.
    • Persistent weeds are a common problem for both the novice gardener and the professional farmer.
    • In fact, it can help even novices refine a search.
    • I don't see why it shouldn't become as popular as snowboarding - it attracts skiers, skaters and complete novices.
    • Professional photographers Jan Checker and Sally Vigilante were on hand to teach the photography novices some useful skills.
    • This annual sporting event takes place on Sunday, May 1 when keen runners and complete novices get together for a five-mile race, a one-mile adult run and a one-mile children's event.
    • The book will probably be more attractive to Durkheim specialists and graduate students than to novices in the field.
    • Success also came for Phil Stanley who won the novice sculls in confident style.
    • If you are a complete novice I wouldn't worry about spending much time here.
    • The beginning of Serious Poker is aimed at relative novices.
    • For novice users and people with cognitive difficulties, navigation must be intuitive and logical.
    • The system used is not particularly user friendly for novices or inexperienced staff: this could be improved with more modern software facilities.
    • A political novice, Simpson all but wiped out Trimble's personal majority of 15,000 votes.
    • The suggestions that follow below offer basic searching suggestions for Internet novices.
    • None of us had been skating in ages, and one was a complete novice.
    • Now 68, he's taught more than 4,000 students, from novice to expert.
    • While the LSO no longer directs the pilot down, he is constantly giving advice if required and can be a calming voice for the inexperienced novice.
    • The document format provided to him was sufficient to accommodate even a novice computer user.
  • 2

    novicio masculino
    novicia femenino
    • Similarly, a young novice entered St. Martin's cell and was puzzled not to find him there.
    • The deportment of Buddhist monks and novices is governed by many exacting rules, and phenomenological accounts of this celibate, contemplative way of life are available in a number of texts.
    • His dilemma is crystallised by his " irregular fondness " for two fellow novices.
    • Whether novice monks will result from that I don't really know.
    • In ten short years, several historic monasteries and convents have been restored to the Orthodox church and have welcomed hundreds of young novices.
    • A friend who is a novice in an Episcopal religious order recently told me that she has no taste now for books of contemporary spirituality.
    • These words from Jeremiah were engraved on a plaque on our dormitory wall when I was a novice with Mother Teresa in Calcutta.
    • So there are hundreds or even thousands of postulants, novices, seminarians, active priests, and retired priests who live, work, or hang out at American seminaries.
    • The opening programme has a brief section in which the novices question a monk on celibacy but, at the risk of the sin of prurience, I wanted to know more about the dynamics of living in a community of men.
    • He joined the monastic order as a novice, and studied the Hua-yen ching with Chih-yen.
    • Is there a potential that there will be some novice monks among them?
    • At present an average 220 monks and novices live within the temple compound.
    • Still very active at sixty years old, she was sent to the motherhouse to oversee the novices ' manual work.
    • How many monks and nuns, or novices, would you say?
    • Galileo had a mixed education, starting at a monastery school in Vallombrosa where he entered the order as a novice, against the wishes of his father.
    • One confessor ordered Veronica Giuliani to kneel while a novice of the order kicked her in the mouth.
    • The area under claim amounted to a sacred precinct as most of the acreage was associated with initiation rites, the storage of sacred objects, and the activities of religious tutors and novices.
    • He was an officer in the Irish Guards before becoming a novice monk in the Benedictine Order in 1955.
    • Both were described in the future tense since both took place in the context of the Eucharist, of which the novice had no direct experience.
    • Maana's wife went to the temple to give alms daily, serving breakfasts and lunches to her son, other novices and monks, until her son was disrobed.