Traducción de nuke en Español:


arma nuclear, n.

Pronunciación /njuːk//n(j)uk/


  • 1

    (with masculine article in the singular) arma nuclear femenino
  • 2

    (power plant)
    central nuclear femenino

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    bombardear con armas nucleares
  • 2EEUU

    cocinar en el microondas
    • It's all very tasty, all very stylish and all very cold when you buy it frozen from Sainsbury's before nuking it in the microwave before your guests arrive.
    • She pushed things around the refrigerator, looking for some convenient leftovers in a Rubbermaid container to nuke.
    • The house was filled with the smells of after-school snacks being nuked as we walked in.
    • He smiled a sexy smile and unwrapped the bowl, nuking it in the microwave for about 3 minutes.
    • In fact, you can even cook the rice, the chicken and the pepper and onion mixture in bulk, then quickly nuke them and throw this burrito together in minutes when the craving hits.
    • ‘There you are, Dolly,’ I said, doing my best to avoid tripping over a foot-winding Harry while I nuked a drop of Carnation Milk.
    • After several months when her comfort level increased, I progressed to putting a Hershey bar on a salad plate and nuking it into molten goodness.
    • So I nuked a jar of Veet Warm Wax, made a little pot of rooibos tea with honey and soy milk, and set up a portable radio and portable heater in the bathroom.
    • You can nuke some for breakfast, or mix it with hot water for a quick vending-machine-free snack at work.
    • If I have been working all day, it's getting late and he is hungry (which he invariably is, all day, every day) then it seems sensible rather than sadistic to nuke him a shepherd's pie in the microwave while boiling up a pot of peas and carrots.
    • The food is cooked, not nuked, and cooking takes time. The slow pace suits the service, which is charming.
    • We watch through our fingers as another convenience meal is nuked in the microwave, another can of fizzy pop is guzzled, another packet of crisps scoffed.
    • She poured milk into a glass and put it into the microwave to nuke it.
    • And the cook, Jay Jay, earns five buckets of stars for serving happy drinkers real good food, not idiotic nuked empanadas!
    • I got home, nuked yesterday's pizza, read the paper.
    • While waiting for the microwave to nuke our meal, w sat down on the stools in the kitchen and began to talk.
    • Anyway, that's by the by. The point is that whilst idly nuking the noodles I noticed that the sell-by date was October 2172.
    • I really need to just shut off all the machines, nuke the leftover pizza and watch ‘Blind Date’ until my brains run out my nose.
    • Unlike normal cooking, when food is nuked numerous chemical bonds are ruptured, leaving behind a trail of free radicals, ions, and other radiolytic byproducts.
    • We use technology in our cooking… we nuke stuff.