Traducción de numbness en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈnəmnəs//ˈnʌmnəs/


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    I still experience some numbness in my fingers todavía siento los dedos medio dormidos
    • I was left with a feeling of numbness after she died su muerte me dejó como aturdido
    • It started in the left leg, the tingle creeping slowly through the whole limb leaving numbness in its wake.
    • From then, the leg has given me trouble: swelling and numbness of the foot especially the big toe.
    • Sometimes it was more like numbness or paralysis, or even problems with co-ordination.
    • Within days, with his co-ordination going and a numbness spreading over his body, he was rushed into hospital.
    • The specific vertebra of the neck that corresponds to the fingers is then adjusted to alleviate the numbness.