Traducción de numbskull en Español:


zoquete, n.


Pronunciación /ˈnəmˌskəl//ˈnʌmskʌl/



  • 1

    zoquete masculino coloquial
    tarugo masculino coloquial
    taruga femenino coloquial
    • I'd love to help, but I'm a numbskull about such issues and would hate myself if I gave somebody bad advice.
    • He's clearly not the most talented person, but we love to watch these numbskulls and untalented folks get further than you think they would.
    • Their children are deep-fried, drug-soaked numbskulls, the adults hapless lemmings in their SUVs, heading straight into the back-end of the American dream.
    • I give the nice lady painstakingly detailed directions, not that it's hard to explain, but I want to make sure that the halfwit numbskull who will next attempt to deliver my package has more than enough information to do his very simple job.
    • In case anyone is planning on it, my advice is: you'll hardly find any more than fifteen numbskulls ready to sign the thing, so don't be disappointed!
    • The Horseshoe is best avoided if there's a Celtic v Rangers match on telly, because it occasionally attracts numbskulls who can't handle their booze.
    • A ten second bout of fisticuffs from the numbskulls who play for Newcastle United seemed to dominate the sports news for an entire week.
    • Sure, numbskulls still permeate every stadium, and the larger the following and the more successful a club become, the bigger the proportion of obnoxious fans.
    • Now various unreflective numbskulls seem to think that there is a contradiction between consuming American culture and being critical of the U.S. government.
    • Is an isolated outbreak of yobbery involving a few dozen numskulls really going to dissuade the private sector from investing in, and profiting from, a new business deal?
    • If you are the biggest numbskull in the world you will get by on good manners.
    • Glasgow's put upon tourism wallahs must have watched The Hand of God with dismay as another herd of sectarian numbskulls blackened the city's reputation in front of a UK audience numbering millions.
    • But apparently, the economically semi-literate numbskulls at the New Pravda - and the rest of the mainstream press - still can't be bothered to get the facts straight.
    • A dealbreaker for me is believing in astrology, which is handy since so many numbskulls blurt out references to astrology very soon after you meet them.
    • And those numbskulls down the street are apologizing for failing to pass anti-lynching laws 100 years ago.
    • It is one of the supreme ironies of feminism that after cajoling and haranguing males to be more sensitive to emotional cues, Botoxed women display all the facial animation of literal numbskulls.
    • The game could be described as a simple left-to-right-scrolling romp in which a costumed numbskull fights baddies before battling an oddball boss, but this really wouldn't do it justice.
    • He exorcised the assumption the free market was only for numbskulls.
    • After all does it not confirm their stereotyping of the US as the land of gun-toting numbskulls who shoot first and ask questions later?
    • What in the hell were these numbskulls thinking?