Traducción de numeral en Español:


número, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnjuːm(ə)r(ə)l//ˈn(j)um(ə)rəl/


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    número masculino
    Roman/Arabic numerals números romanos/arábigos
    • Ankit Fadia, the teenaged computer security expert, says that the best passwords are the ones that use both upper case and lower case letters, besides numerals and symbols.
    • This invention was the decimal system of numerals - nine digits and a zero.
    • The numeral or numerals following the first two letters indicate maximum carbon content of the alloy.
    • Roman numerals indicate major types followed by letters indicating minor variants, usually a single nucleotide difference.
    • Merz began to utilise the Fibonacci formula of mathematical progression within his works, transmitting the concept visually through the use of the numerals and the figure of a spiral.
    • How does the counter generate the correct permutation of the binary numerals?
    • Linkage groups are designated by roman numerals and X for the sex chromosome.
    • They consist of numerals and symbols that are pictographic or quasi-pictographic.
    • The best known symbols are simple numerals: 0 through 9, which originated in India in the ancient Brahmi script.
    • She was given the choice of one with a brown face with gilt numerals, or a black face with white figures and she chose the latter.
    • Alternative transcription initiation sites are designated by roman numerals.
    • Participants were required to name, add or multiply Arabic or Mandarin numerals and to respond in English or Chinese.
    • But there is also a misconception that the European numerals are actually Arabic or that this is a change for the better or at least that it does not matter.
    • The Arabic numerals have been used in all written works for centuries.
    • Regardless of where zero came from, the numerals we use today are called Arabic numerals.
    • Would this be easier if we just used Arabic numerals?
    • One of the important sources of information which we have about Indian numerals comes from al-Biruni.
    • The hosts are indicated at the top, and separate colonies of each host are indicated by roman numerals.
    • We may choose to interpret these voltages as binary numerals and the voltage changes as syntactic operations, but a computer does not interpret its operations as syntactic or any other way.
    • A numeral is a symbol used to represent a number.