Traducción de numerous en Español:


numeroso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈn(j)um(ə)rəs//ˈnjuːm(ə)rəs/


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    … and others too numerous to mention … y otros que sería interminable enumerar
    • By that time, chess had taken root and chess events became more numerous.
    • Cookery books became ever more numerous, directed now at servants as well as housewives.
    • The nominees are too numerous to mention - but you can see them all here.
    • Winifred related that numerous calls to the education office were in vain.
    • The far more numerous examples of human goodness are barely noticed.
    • But the Atlantic cod was by far the most numerous, valuable and important.
    • Despite numerous complaints from the whole of the queue, the cashier did nothing.
    • Anglicans were the most numerous in the city, with Quakers a close second.
    • They became so numerous during the Palaeozoic era that their remains often form vast thicknesses of limestone.
    • Productivity is notoriously difficult to measure, as numerous studies have found.
    • Sixty-five U.S. investigations have been launched as well as numerous international studies.
    • There are also numerous examples in the USA, where he has long been popular.
    • His aggressive, diabolical performance earned widespread critical praise and numerous British stage awards.
    • And of course television news is even worse, as numerous studies have shown.
    • Community care legislation has grown piecemeal though numerous statutes over the last half century.
    • Landrieu had been on the senate floor opposing those budget cuts on numerous occasions.
    • The result is that numerous museums all over the country are making exciting new acquisitions.
    • He won numerous awards - many of which were documented by the Evening Press.
    • There are also numerous other prizes to be won.
    • Wilson has received numerous awards and honors, including the National Medal of Science.