Traducción de nursing home en Español:

nursing home

hogar de ancianos, n.


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    (for the aged) hogar de ancianos masculino
    (for convalescence) clínica femenino
    (for convalescence) casa de reposo femenino
    (for convalescence) casa de salud femenino Uruguay
    • Most of the dentist's business comes from residential and nursing homes.
    • The number of places in private nursing homes mushroomed while the number of NHS long stay beds plummeted.
    • How many of your readers would choose to live in residential care or nursing homes if there was full support in the community?
    • The patient was discharged to the nursing home under the care of the palliative care team.
    • Doctors, private hospitals and nursing homes would pay premiums to the government fund.
    • We analysed the proportions admitted to nursing homes or residential homes by using the test.
    • He said he has had nursing experience at a nursing home for the elderly in Portlaoise.
    • They thus become nursing homes rather than hospitals, so that many patients cannot be safely discharged to them.
    • No targets were available for admissions to geriatric specialties or for numbers of beds in private nursing homes.
    • Private nursing homes are not the only places where our elderly are neglected.
    • Further studies are needed to determine the best strategy for flu chemoprophylaxis in nursing homes.
    • Indeed, many aspects of preventing and managing infection in nursing homes embrace good geriatric medicine.
    • Residential and nursing homes provide an essential contribution towards the care of people with dementia.
    • The situation in relation to MRSA in nursing homes and hospitals is still under control, however.
    • Hospitals also differ in the availability of places for people to be discharged to, such as nursing homes or hospices.
    • In many instances, these become even higher than in average private hospitals and nursing homes.
    • Many cannot be discharged because local authorities do not have the cash to buy ongoing care in residential or nursing homes.
    • Influenza is a major cause of morbidity and mortality among residents of nursing homes.
    • Many people with dementia end up being looked after in nursing homes and long stay wards.
    • There are sometimes outbreaks in schools and residential or nursing homes.
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    (for pregnant women)
    clínica de maternidad femenino