Traducción de nut-brown en Español:


castaño caoba, adj.

Pronunciación ///ˈnət ˌbraʊn/



  • 1

    (hair) (invariable adjective) castaño caoba
    (skin) moreno
    • Roast Cornish Skate Wing on a bed of garlic mash with nut-brown butter, capers, parsley and lemon butter.
    • The second disc, recorded in 1961, also has a lovely nut-brown sound to it, thanks to the prevalence of violas da gamba in Harnoncourt's ensemble.
    • He paints a large nut-brown Sun that occupies three-fourths of the frame.
    • His loose, nut-brown shirt, stained with weeks of sweat, hung outside his pants.
    • A slender adult leader with raven hair and glistening alabaster skin which reflected the full moon's light was playing a set of rich, nut-brown pipes.
    • It was nice to sup a flagon of nut-brown ale in a pub that people with ruffs used to drink in.
    • I hop into a brightly painted chicken bus called Dorita next to a tiny, shrivelled woman with a nut-brown walnut face, and set off back to Antigua.
    • One day they had Pekin Duck Wild Rice Soup, an unspeakably rich, velvety concoction of little pearls of curled wild rice swimming through nut-brown luxury.
    • His mother was a lot shorter than her son and husband, but had the same shocking stone-blue eyes as her son, and long nut-brown hair.
    • Her nut-brown hair was in a thick braid down her back, in the priestess style, but contrary to the image she was creating, a sharp sickle was thrust into a belt around her waist.
    • Sunless tanners are lotions and creams you apply to create a nut-brown gloss nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.
    • The bird should be golden brown all over with a crisp skin and have buttery, lemony juices of a nut-brown colour in the bottom of the tin.
    • Tendrils of nut-brown hair escaped his fingers.
    • Renee's normally cobweb-like cloud of wavy brown hair now fell in a straight, gleaming sheen all the way to her upper back, at last looking more nut-brown than it did mousy.
    • The face of a young girl, only sixteen, with nut-brown hair and hazel eyes appeared in the clouded liquid.
    • Beneath his watchband lies a strip of pink, tender skin, a stark contrast to his nut-brown tan.
    • Kuja's new nut-brown drawstring knapsack bulged with new clothes and souvenirs.
    • She has long nut-brown hair and stunning golden eyes.
    • Mine was a model of its kind, wobbly, eggy, beautifully fresh with a perfect nut-brown caramel.
    • Well, such complaints will now be - like my nut-brown hair - a thing of the past.