Traducción de nut roast en Español:

nut roast


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    plato vegetariano hecho al horno que consiste en verduras con frutos secos y hierbas
    • Stereotypes of vegetarians have us all clutching a nut roast whilst peering through our wire rimmed glasses and wearing hemp.
    • Lasagne, nut roast, salad and a vast choice of puddings were on the menu, which the guests paid £8 to enjoy.
    • He is coming later, we've got leftover nut roast and stuffing sandwiches to scoff first.
    • That's not to say I'm dining solo, with a morsel of nut roast and clootie dumpling for consolation.
    • So, with the help of Ransford's daughter, MacSween's came up with a deft piece of Celtic fusion cooking which combined nut roast know - how and traditional haggis techniques.