Traducción de nutraceutical en Español:


nutraceútico, n.

Pronunciación /ˌn(j)utrəˈsudɪk(ə)l//ˌnjuːtrəˈs(j)uːtɪk(ə)l/



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    nutraceútico masculino
    • Soy is a key ingredient in the growing market for nutraceuticals, or foods and drinks that have added health benefits.
    • Health and obesity symposiums will focus on tailoring food choices to improve health, nutraceuticals and functional foods, fats and oils, and food chemistry.
    • Many so-called functional foods, health foods, and nutraceuticals have been entering into the mainstream US diet lately, with little or no regulation or testing.
    • Examples of nutraceuticals include soybeans, cranberry juice, green tea, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and wine.
    • A pioneer in the nutraceutical / functional foods field is Lucille Farms, a manufacturer of Italian-style cheeses and supplier to food processors and the foodservice industry.