Traducción de nutritious en Español:


nutritivo, adj.

Pronunciación /n(j)uˈtrɪʃəs//njʊˈtrɪʃəs/


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    • Raw food is much more nutritious than cooked food, and is more satisfying in smaller quantities.
    • The healthy eating campaign to persuade Scots to eat more nutritious foods will be launched in January.
    • The food was healthy and nutritious, and most of the Americans liked it, but wished for fresh food.
    • The majority of their income goes to rent and leaves them with hardly any money to buy nutritious food.
    • It is her conviction that nutritious food need not be rich and expensive.
    • It aims to tackle health issues and diet-related illness by increasing access to fresh and nutritious food.
    • On the food arrangements, fresh and wholesome nutritious food will be cooked for the children.
    • Sponsor a child to provide funding for education, health care and nutritious food.
    • The food bank distributes recipes to encourage people to cook nutritious low-cost meals.
    • We need to continually remind them of the nutritious and tasty foods we have in our seas and on our lands.
    • While snacking is perfectly acceptable, make sure snack foods are nutritious.
    • They did get healthy, nutritious food even if it was all low-fat and low-calorie.
    • No matter how tasty and nutritious the food prepared at the hospital, its meals can only suffer from a journey across the city.
    • Feeding your family with healthy, nutritious food is not easy when money is tight.
    • This workshop will look at the link between nutritious food and general health and well being.
    • To popularise this nutritious food, it is also giving away a small recipe book.
    • What they want most is delicious and nutritious food that is practical and easy to make.
    • It became clear they wanted more nutritious food and they were willing to change their eating habits.
    • The science is clear - organic food is no healthier, safer or more nutritious than non-organic food.
    • So eat nutritious food while you are pregnant for yourself and your baby.