Traducción de nuzzle en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈnʌz(ə)l//ˈnəzəl/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (rub against)
    to nuzzle against sth/sb
    • the dog nuzzled against my leg el perro me acarició la pierna con el hocico
    • he nuzzled (up) against her se acurrucó contra ella
    • The tiny head turned and the mouth nuzzled her nipple.
    • Raine nuzzled his hand gently to bring him back to his senses.
    • Veil nodded understandingly and nuzzled her neck gently like his mother used to do to comfort him.
    • He bent down and gently nuzzled my neck, making me jump back a bit in surprise.
    • She trotted over to Wulf and nuzzled her nose against his free hand.
    • He whispered softly as he nuzzled his nose against hers.
    • The lady hugged the white cat closer to her body and gently nuzzled her cheek against its soft fur.
    • Firstly, I watched queen wasps and bees gently nuzzling bricks and mortar in the sunshine, looking for the weakness that provides a new home.
    • She said while nuzzling her nose into his chest.
    • She kissed his earlobe and nuzzled her nose against his cool cheek.
    • She grinned as the horse gently nuzzled her hand.
    • He gently nuzzled her neck, causing her to let out a small giggle.
    • She was leaning into his side, nose nuzzling his cocktail jacket.
    • As Nikolas shifted their bodies and his mouth nuzzled her neck, she didn't want anything negative to intrude on the moment.
    • The mare nuzzled her arm gently as she took the reins and she found herself beginning to sob.
    • His nose nuzzled her neck and he breathed deeply, savoring her scent.
    • He gently nuzzled her neck and slightly tightened his grip on her waist waiting for her reaction.
    • He nuzzled his nose against the crook of my neck before abruptly letting me go.
    • Chris said nuzzling his nose against Star's neck.
    • He leaned down and nuzzled his nose under John's ear, whispering as he continued.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    acariciar con el hocico