Traducción de nylon en Español:


nylon, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnʌɪlɒn//ˈnaɪˌlɑn/


  • 1

    nylon masculino
    (stockings/shirt) (before noun) de nylon
    this shirt is (made of) nylon esta camisa es de nylon
    • The pickup box was covered with a greasy tarpaulin held down by an equally greasy yellow nylon rope.
    • In addition to hosiery, nylon is used in tricot, netting for bridal veils, and in carpeting.
    • They found these blue and gray nylon fibers in Westerfield's home and two dozen of them in and around her body.
    • Alternatively he has created a piece that uses the shape of a target; this is made from red, white, and blue nylon.
    • Singlets are made predominantly from either Lycra, nylon or a combination of the two fabrics.
    • Next the guards produced some straps that looked to be made of canvas or nylon with a buckle at one end.
    • The inquest heard that the blue nylon rope had been woven through the loops of a trellis attached to a gazebo rather than tied.
    • Elaine turned away from the closet, holding a pair of beige nylon pants and a red silk blouse.
    • He pulled out a small length of thin nylon rope and a knife.
    • As a tenant, I had witnessed just about every way you can put a hole in a plaster wall or stain a piece of cheap nylon carpet.
    • Officials then invited the mother Milad Kahani to put the blue nylon rope around his neck.
    • PVC, hot air balloon fabrics and nylon were all featured in this neat capsule collection of black and white womenswear.
    • It had two slabs of TNT over the chest and in the small of the back and was made of blue nylon.
    • Any nylon fibers sticking out at the top and bottom of the samples were trimmed with scissors.
    • Recently, I was dismayed at Rowan introducing acrylic and nylon into some of their yarns.
    • Parachutes sewn at home are made from ripstop nylon and use twill tape to reinforce its seams.
    • For a stretchy chain stitch, use texturized nylon or polyester thread in the needle or looper.
    • Her father guiding the play of the fish, her lifting the green nylon net in anticipation and finally the heavy weight in it.
    • Brands such as nylon and Lycra take heavy investment to keep people constantly aware of them.
    • The fuel cells in the tanker are made of nylon fabric less than one-sixteenth of an inch thick.
  • 2nylons plural

    medias de nylon femenino