Traducción de oar en Español:


remo, n.

Pronunciación /ɔr//ɔː/


  • 1

    (of boat)
    remo masculino
    he pulls a good oar rema bien
    • to get one's oar in meter baza
    • We docked by a port with several other boats in, most of them small rowing boats with oars.
    • The eight occupants of the boat take to the oars, pulling hard against the wind and waves.
    • I love being on the water, I love the sound the water makes and the oars on the boat, all of those things.
    • The fine owner of a lodge at the shoreline was gracious enough to offer an aluminum boat with oars for our use.
    • The canoe slowed down to a stop and Pierce set the oars back in the boat.
    • After dark, we could hear the sound of oars of an approaching dinghy.
    • Kaishek failed to notice the concealed motion and came at his opponent with both blades swirling like the oars of a seven man regatta rowing boat.
    • Slowly, she got into the rowing boat, shipped the oars and made her way across to the centre of the river.
    • She saw a small wooden dock, and a wooden rowboat with two oars floating in the water.
    • The person on the port side all the way aft is the stroke oar, the rower who sets the pace that everyone else must match.
    • He is considered by many as the best ‘stroke’ oar in the long history of lightweight rowing at Harvard.
    • Sailors pushed up and down on the oars like a water pump to manoeuvre the boat.
    • The starboard oars dipped into the water and were held fast and the great ship slowed and stopped.
    • The ship can be easily steered with just the oars doing all the work when the sail is down.
    • Each boat contains a crew of two and each crew rows an identical 7.1 metre boat that includes two sliding seats and the same sculling oars as used in standard rowing boats.
    • Smith got his oar stuck in the water and had to stop rowing with 600 metres to go.
    • The crew suddenly lost their stroke oar to eligibility issues, and Erickson was back to the drawing board to find a line-up.
    • In his opinion, it is very important to have on board: oars, oarlocks, a boat hook, a good knife, a sounder and the mobile phone.
    • As well as traditional rowing oars and sculls, they manufacture oars for surf boat rowing, and transatlantic teams.
    • Sitting high in the water their oars were clearing the waves and the crew looked polished and clean.
    • Organised by the Gauteng Dragon Boat Association, long boats and oars will be provided for participants who do not have their own team boat.
    • They pull hard at the oars until the boat is abreast of the island, and then they ram the bow against its icy littoral.
    • He relates the importance of the thole, which secures the oar to the boat, and notes that towing was the expedition's worst job assignment.
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    remero masculino
    remera femenino