Traducción de oatcake en Español:


galleta de avena, n.

Pronunciación /ˈəʊtkeɪk//ˈoʊtˌkeɪk/


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    galleta de avena femenino
    • If you suffer from morning sickness, try the following home remedies: nibble on a ginger biscuit before getting up and try to eat a little something often - perhaps a biscuit, oatcake or crispbread.
    • Besides its primary uses in porridge and oatcakes, oatmeal features in haggis, in certain types of sausage, as a coating for herring, also for potatoes, and sometimes for dumplings.
    • Every town and village in Scotland should be encouraged to be unique, famous for something local: the honey, the lobsters, the oatcakes, the raspberries, the knitwear, the local artwork.
    • The chief meat-eater among us opted for the assiette de charcuterie, a dish of ham, pork and salami with chicken pâté, served with oatcakes and olives.
    • He will meet producers involved in Peak District Foods, which promotes the area's distinctive fare, including cheeses, meat, fish and such delights as Bakewell puddings and oatcakes.
    • The month before I go on a trip I eat lots of carbohydrates - oatcakes, brown rice and potatoes - at every meal.
    • You can sample Arran cheese, mustard and oatcakes or the island's own whisky produced at the Isle of Arran distillery.
    • Fortifying myself with the thought that the best food is often painstakingly familiar and simple fare, wonderfully prepared, I decided to start with the parfait of chicken livers with redcurrant jelly and oatcakes.
    • The dessert menu was tempting but in the end, we opted for a shared cheese platter which featured a wide and varied selection of Scotland's finest, perfectly presented with oatcakes, celery and grapes.
    • For those who have to snack, the doctor recommends healthy options such as fruit, yoghurt, or oatcakes.
    • It also bestows a sense of pride that Scotland is still producing quality raw ingredients - ready to be converted into oatcakes, mealie puddings and brose.
    • We were flipping bannocks and oatcakes on girdles centuries before sun-dried-tomato ciabatta was invented.
    • People stuffed on oatcakes and cereal bars and other carbohydrate-rich wonder foods keep their insulin levels constantly topped up, and so they never get a chance to use up their fat.
    • Fish formed the mainstay of the diet, along with oats made into porridge and oatcakes.
    • I always travel with a couple of oatcakes and energy bars, which certainly came in handy last year when airport security measures kept me out of reach of food for almost ten hours.
    • The sizeable slab of pressed meat was served with fresh bread and delicious thick oatcakes, which tasted just like the kind Granny used to make.
    • Crackers and sweet biscuits reinforced one of the tins of oatcakes, which had stood throughout the meal on every table.
    • There is marmalade - and jam made from Scottish strawberries or raspberries - and in the bread bin beside the granary loaf are some oatcakes and barley bannocks.
    • Both girls were heading for the Isle of Arran, home of supposedly the best homemade oatcakes in the whole of Britain.
    • Stress also brings other high quality ready-made meals to the fore, like smoked salmon, also at home on oatcakes, or as a sort of flat salad with capers and cornichons, or tossed over some more pasta with cream.