Traducción de oath en Español:


juramento, n.

Pronunciación /oʊθ//əʊθ/

nombrePlural oaths

  • 1

    juramento masculino
    oath of allegiance juramento de lealtad
    • to break one's oath romper su (or mi etc.) juramento
    • to make / swear / take an oath hacer (un) juramento
    • to take the oath jurar
    • on / upon my oath, I am innocent soy inocente, lo juro
    • Let's all make a solemn oath to never again bring up how the drivers would have finished under the old points system.
    • The Gods witness oaths, and will take note of how the oath-taker regards that oath.
    • Democrats and Republicans are on different sides of the aisle, but we have a shared oath and a solemn obligation to serve our country together.
    • What is a ceremony full of solemn oaths and taking ‘measures’ going to change?
    • The newly-elected students then took solemn oaths to take the school to new heights, fulfil their duties and perform their responsibility without any hesitation.
    • Indeed, in a bull of 1212, Pope Innocent III relaxed the obligations of prior oaths and forbade the exaction of similar oaths in the future.
    • From early days the taking of solemn religious oaths was regarded as an essential part of the political and social order.
    • To suggest that I did not administer an oath to these witnesses to help them lie to members of Congress is false, inexcusable.
    • They will also have to sign a citizenship pledge as part of an oath of allegiance to the Queen and take part in US-style citizenship ceremonies.
    • A group of Bradford immigrants will take an oath of allegiance to the Queen and make a pledge to uphold British democratic values in a history-making ceremony at City Hall on Monday.
    • For a few moments the couple find themselves in church or in the registry office watched by their closest family and friends, publicly swearing what amounts to a solemn oath of allegiance to each other.
    • But James also believed that he was in practice constrained by solemn oaths made at his coronation to rule according to the ‘laws and customs of the realm’.
    • It was useful to recall that he enjoyed a kind of imperial status among his people, who were bound to him with solemn rites and blood-sealed oaths.
    • Participants will deliver an oath of allegiance to the Queen and a pledge of commitment to the United Kingdom, in what is now a compulsory part of the naturalisation process.
    • Another woman reporter made a solemn oath to bring her husband and 13-month-old baby to the park next year.
    • Each individual undergoing treatment takes a solemn oath to change their behavior.
    • Amid daring speeches and solemn oaths we signed our names on the wall committing ourselves to launching the real thing - the real Utopia - no matter who we became in the between years.
    • Once again they had managed to get out of a dangerous situation with very little injuries and as the man in the shadows turned from them he made a solemn oath that this would not be the case next time.
    • Bolingbroke gives his solemn oath that he has come not to usurp the throne but simply to reclaim his rightful goods and title.
    • Each cardinal will be required to take solemn oaths not to disclose any of their discussions on the pain of excommunication from the Church.
  • 2literario

    juramento masculino literario
    • The thrall muttered an oath under her breath and summoned forth a blast of flame.
    • Cue for groans and muttered oaths from my neighbors, and that was before they'd stepped out on to Madison, where New York's finest were out in force, checking identities and blocking off half the streets of midtown.
    • Shakespeare knew a thing or two about cursing - Hamlet is essentially a play about swearing and oaths, and in The Tempest, Caliban was taught language but learned to curse his master.
    • Alyssa kept screaming curses and oaths, and would have broken all the furniture in Alli's bedroom, had Lisa not restrained her.
    • Finally, many oaths include in their language explicit consequences for breaking them.
    • Thoroughly humiliated and irritated in far too many ways, Em got to her knees, muttering oaths that would have made Uncle Tuan proud.
    • Nikolas broke the kiss and muttered an oath under his breath.
    • Chad could hear a muttered oath and then footsteps, padding toward the entrance of the house.
    • His steel-toe capped boots rang clear through the cell as he paced impatiently back and forth, muttering oaths and damnation to the barred window that reflected the outside world.
    • She let out a long string of oaths and expletives, carefully picking herself up from the floor.
    • His oaths and anger had obviously offended Tori.
    • Five minutes later, Keyan was in the medical bay, stripped down to his boxers, with a medic fussing over him, muttering oaths about how barbaric the fights were.
    • It would be impossible to find anywhere a more frightening example of self-imposed curses than these oaths.
    • She heard the sound of the door closing, and she muttered a few choice oaths under her breath.
    • She winced and screamed a very foul and unladylike oath.
    • Viro cursed and oath and grabbed at the man's cheek and chest, but he had passed into oblivion.
    • Viro cursed an oath, his fair eyes flashing, his muscles tensed.
    • Viro walked down the path beyond the witch's house, muttering a thousand oaths against sorcery.
    • Bahzell lowered his sword slowly and muttered an oath as he surveyed the carnage.
    • The oath itself is curse enough, being four pages in length.