Traducción de ob-gyn en Español:


tocoginecología, n.


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    tocoginecología femenino
    • The following day at my ob-gyn appointment, it was determined that the fetus had died about two weeks prior.
    • In tort-plagued states like Nevada, for instance, premiums for an ob-gyn specialist now average a whopping $83,000 a year.
    • Second, it increases our sales and marketing resources to ob-gyn physicians.
    • oddly she's now in an ob-gyn ward on the floor below where she works (she works in the delivery suite).
    • The primary applications of this mobile ultrasound system include: general abdominal imaging, OB/GYN, urology, orthopedics, emergency medicine, and ear, nose and throat imaging.
    • obstetrics and gynecology