Traducción de object en Español:


objeto, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɒbdʒɛkt//ˈɒbdʒɪkt//ˈɑbdʒɛkt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(thing)

      objeto masculino
      what is this strange object? ¿qué es este objeto tan raro?
      • she felt she was being treated as a sex object sintió que se la trataba como a una mujer objeto / un mero objeto sexual
      • no object
      • distance is no object la distancia no importa / no es inconveniente
      • money's no object for them el dinero no les preocupa
      • give me the biggest you have: expense / money (is) no object deme el más grande que tenga, cueste lo que cueste
      • The community traded with the world, and designed and manufactured to sell into that market, including very ornate objects and fancy materials.
      • The photogram technique uses only light, an object and light-sensitive materials, such as ice, water and glass.
      • Women's status in the law was reduced to that of material objects and possessions.
      • Do you think we get too attached to material objects?
      • The group's knowledge of everyday objects and materials will then be tested through a quiz and the children will discover how fragments of history can help us build up a picture of the past.
      • Is it the result of the consumerist culture that has gripped us, or the need to possess material objects in order to reassure ourselves of our own worth?
      • Found objects and pre-existing printed material are the inspirations for the Glasgow-trained painter.
      • Don't touch metallic objects like ice axes, crampons, tent poles, or jewelry.
      • In the language center, for instance, toddlers learn vocabulary by touching and feeling available objects as they practice the names of the items and the sound of the letter.
      • Just as in art everything depends on a limited but skillful use of color and sounds, so too the art of living demands a limited but skillful use of material objects.
      • The works I've described thus far had one thing in common - they were discreet objects made with durable materials.
      • In several others, Qi Gong masters engage in feats such as moving objects and people without touching them.
      • It is all a bit sci-fi and cosmic, but somehow the surface never stops reminding you that this is a material object, something made with the hand and the eye and the body's own chemistry.
      • Visitors to museums disregard cautionary boards and touch objects.
      • If I was touching objects in the airport, I was very careful to wash my hands with alcohol.
      • Scarcity seems equally intractable at first - the Internet is certainly not going to eliminate shortages of material objects or time or ability.
      • Regardless of religion and ethnic background the majority of us in the Western world have been permanently imprinted with a lust for purchasing material objects.
      • The youngsters had to follow clues to find objects made from natural materials around the museum.
      • And while Bob might not be able to touch objects, he can touch people, and soon becomes a part of the family.
      • My scooter is still very much a material object: it eats petrol, needs its tires filled and refuses to start on cold mornings.

    • 1.2(of actions, feelings)

      objeto masculino
      he was the object of a smear campaign fue objeto de una campaña de difamación
      • Despite being the object of much attention right now, the struggle for control over content probably isn't very meaningful to mass audiences.
      • The issues are the object of ongoing investigations.
      • It turned out that she'd been the object of so much attention that she had to hide in the girls' room to get a breather.
      • If you do not declare yourself immediately, you arouse expectation, especially when the importance of your position makes you the object of general attention.
      • But he has links to men who are the object of a federal investigation into a West Coast laboratory.
      • For the object of their attention at Beningbrough Hall is described as one of the finest Baroque state beds to survive in England.
      • She noted that she was the object of attention of a tall, dark-haired figure whose face remained hidden by the flurry of the crowd.
      • The romance became public when the object of her affection, a Swiss named Franco, announced plans to divorce his wife.
      • But the object of all this attention could not be more unassuming.
      • While the object of his investigation is novel, his conclusions will be familiar to students of nineteenth-century America.
      • If the object of a public consultation is to find out what the market thinks, Black's Consulting is on the right track.
      • The greater the part played in our lives by the object of our attention the greater the loss.
      • They are the object of public pity for their heroic battles against addiction.
      • Haunted by accusations made against his father and searching for a buried fortune, he becomes the object of a manhunt organised by a posse of bandits.
      • The relationship between environment and organisms became the object of his attention.
      • The women screamed in unison all eager to be the object of Joe's attention if only for a second, but all too timid to volunteer.
      • Talk about star-crossed lovers, each invisible to the object of their attention.
      • My dislike increases to hate when the object of my desire is a pair of work shoes in summer.
      • When I was much younger, I was the object of attention for one thing - my derrière.
      • The object of their attention is not a group of beautiful Bollywood starlets or the latest icon of Hindi pop.

  • 2

    (aim, purpose)
    objetivo masculino
    propósito masculino
    fin masculino
    we proceeded with this object in mind procedimos teniendo en mente este objetivo / propósito
    • there's no object in continuing no tiene sentido / objeto continuar
    • This decision does illustrate how closely the express and implied powers of specialized agencies must be related to their specific objects and purposes.
    • The text of the Preamble to the Convention is an important source for determining its object and purpose.
    • I do not accept that they, or the Lee / Eadie conversation, are admissible as showing the object and purpose of the saving provision.
    • It is an object, a goal, a future state of being to be passively wished for and waited upon.
    • A new military expedition was launched with the object of proceeding to the second stage of the original plan, now that the first had failed: the Grand Canal was to be cut at Nanjing.
    • That preliminary record is then published with the object of inviting comments and objections from persons interested either in the subsistence of the right of way or to deny its subsistence.
    • It is contrary to the spirit, purpose and objects of the Act to protect a defaulting owner from having to pay his share by a narrow reading of the language relating to a tool for the collection of what is owing.
    • The question is the extent to which the object in nature as goal remains the same.
    • The result would hardly prove consistent with the object and purpose of the Statute and its intent to put an end to impunity for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes.
    • The object and purpose of the Foreshore and Seabed Bill were set out clearly in clause 2A and clause 3.
    • The board is adopting devices and methods to defeat the very purpose and object of the Bank.
    • A goal is an object that the eye is focused on for the purpose of attaining it through constant attention and effort.
    • The genesis, the objective aim, object and commercial purpose of the transaction and its factual matrix are important as older authorities show.
    • That qualification is a test for determining whether there is a legitimate object or purpose of the legislature.
    • In other words, it must be shown that the object or purpose of the defendant is to inflict harm on the claimant, either as an end in itself, or as a means to another end.
    • To reap the benefits of exercise on your sex life, plan more active dates with the object of your affection.
    • And, what is the value, the object, the purpose of having those words in the Constitution?
    • A latitude extending thus far might lead to results incompatible with the object and purpose of the Convention.
    • If one of the parties does so and the other is unaware of the illegal purpose the party whose object is illegal cannot enforce the obligation of the other.
    • In 1899 he founded the magazine World of Art, with the object of interchanging artistic ideas with Western Europe.
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    complemento masculino
    direct/indirect object complemento (de objeto) directo/indirecto
    • Mohawk is a polysynthetic language, in which noun objects can easily be incorporated into the verb.
    • Using a straight news story, circle all the direct objects in blue, the indirect objects in red, and the objects of prepositions in green.
    • Verbs can be either transitive or intransitive a transitive verb governs an object, whereas an intransitive verb does not.
    • All languages have something like nouns and verbs, isolating objects, entities, events, and abstractions.
    • Earlier forerunners rely entirely on intransitive or quasi-transitive verbs, with the object preceded by a preposition.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (express objection, oppose)
    poner objeciones
    to object to sth oponerse / poner objeciones a algo
    • she objected to the presence of journalists puso objeciones / se opuso a la presencia de periodistas
    • nobody objected when I proposed the motion nadie se opuso / nadie puso objeciones / nadie objetó cuando presenté la moción
    • I object most strongly to your accusations! ¡no puedo dejar pasar sus acusaciones sin protestar enérgicamente!
    • I object! ¡protesto!
    • to object to a question oponerse a / objetar una pregunta
  • 2

    if you don't object si no le molesta
    • to object to -ing
    • do you object to my smoking? ¿le molesta que fume?
    • but I do object to not being told at all pero lo que sí me molesta / lo que sí no puedo admitir es que no se me diga nada
    • I object to your using this place as a hotel no estoy dispuesta a aceptar que uses esta casa como un hotel
    • I wouldn't object to a cup of tea no diría que no a una taza de té

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    she objected that he was too young objetó que era demasiado joven
    • I think it's unfair —he objected —me parece injusto —objetó