Traducción de objectivity en Español:


objetividad, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɒbdʒɛkˈtɪvɪti//ˌɒbdʒɪkˈtɪvɪti//ˌɑbdʒɛkˈtɪvədi/


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    objetividad femenino
    • Unlike newspapers, the BBC is trusted as a paradigm of fairness and objectivity.
    • Discarding animism is the first principle of science, which Monod calls the principle of objectivity.
    • Impartiality and objectivity are hard to prove in such circumstances.
    • Far fewer writers overtly subscribe to the position that the principle of objectivity can be put into practice than in the past.
    • Any news organisation committed to objectivity, truth and decency would sack such a journalist on the spot.