Traducción de obliging en Español:


atento, adj.

Pronunciación /əˈblaɪdʒɪŋ//əˈblʌɪdʒɪŋ/


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    she's always so obliging siempre es tan atenta / servicial
    • that's very obliging of you es muy amable de su parte
    • However, the pleasant and obliging staff willingly produced a jug of hot water.
    • A very pleasant and obliging man, he gained the popularity of everybody.
    • Tommie was regarded among all who knew him as a very decent and obliging man.
    • They boost their own expenses and expand their empires and then, when they discover that they cannot deliver services, they turn to the obliging taxpayer.
    • The very happy and obliging young service ladies were resplendent in snappy white shorts and tops.
    • Gerard was described this week as a lovely, obliging man.
    • It is staffed by the most amiable and strenuously obliging bunch of cosmopolitan youngsters who appear not to have been corrupted by working in hotel chains.
    • Some boredom existed, as in the Army during the war: and you needed luck and the obliging help of friendly men who could cover up your minor failures just as you covered up theirs.
    • The enemy is being very obliging by saving them the journey and coming to them now.
    • Of course you could borrow one from an obliging neighbour, but they are then in the same precarious position.
    • Kevin will best be remembered as an obliging and jocular butcher who ran the family business at 82 Main Street for 65 years.
    • The staff of the school have been very obliging and friendly.
    • So, an obliging booking clerk spent ages delving through timetables and suggested she go via Sheffield and Leicester, at a cost of £46.
    • I have had my back waxed once before, in an experimental fashion, by an obliging female friend.
    • By the age of five her mother was happy to hand over the little girl's care whenever she could to an obliging friend.
    • When I started drinking wine as a young man, quite a long time ago, I used to buy cheap Beaujolais from very obliging wine shops in London's cosmopolitan quarter, Soho.
    • He was the salt of the earth, a man who was very obliging and very quiet.
    • And this open-handed warmth equally encompasses the friendly, obliging ship's crew.
    • He took up the job as caretaker of Mount Sion Secondary School, and his obliging manner made him very popular with teachers and pupils alike.
    • He was not frightened to help people out and was a very obliging fellow.