Traducción de obnoxious en Español:


detestable, adj.

Pronunciación /əbˈnɑkʃəs//əbˈnɒkʃəs/


  • 1

    the idea was obnoxious to me la idea me era repelente / repugnante
    • he was particularly obnoxious last night anoche estuvo absolutamente odioso
    • I had a faint hope that the heat would remove that obnoxious weed ragwort from the roadsides of Cumbria.
    • It is incredibly difficult to find a high school student who isn't obnoxious.
    • We have, in this country, a generation of obnoxious, unruly, disrespectful louts.
    • I had to call each of my clerks into my office one at a time and explain how what I did actually made the obnoxious guy feel worse.
    • Its puerile response to grave matters would seem obnoxious if it did not yield such irresistible jokes.
    • I find it obnoxious and frightening to see drunks in bars and on the streets.
    • It has become bigger and more obnoxious than the people and events themselves.
    • A decent living politician is one who is not actively corrupt, rude, obnoxious, vile or idiotic.
    • More than just unpleasant, the obnoxious smell was stifling and suffocating.
    • I picked up the fake gun and held in a particularly obnoxious woman's face.
    • Returning to her native city from Asia, she was driven home by a rude, obnoxious and deceitful driver.
    • I started with obnoxious colours, brown and red mainly, and worked from there.
    • His is biased, obnoxious, and arrogant but we knew that about him before the book came out.
    • I assume he was not aware of the fact that he was in a church and being extremely obnoxious.
    • Like a nasty fungus or a obnoxious flatmate, the government will expand to fill any available space.
    • The smell of cigarettes can be rather obnoxious, even in the street.
    • The water was a shade of obnoxious blue that gave the sky a run for its money.
    • I could have sworn this obnoxious clause had been dropped, after widespread criticism.
    • Sadly the bottom line is that she spends a lot of money with us and by virtue of that we have to accept her obnoxious visits.
    • Last night I turned into one of those obnoxious young things on a tour, just like I vowed never to be.