Traducción de observant en Español:


observador, adj.

Pronunciación /əbˈzəːv(ə)nt//əbˈzərvənt/


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    it was observant of you to notice the difference demostraste ser observador al darte cuenta de la diferencia
    • I, being an observant person, had noticed that I had not been asked for a bribe lately.
    • It's little things like that which get noticed by observant kids such as myself.
    • The observant reader will have noticed that the recipes serve six, although there were only four of us.
    • Shoots may grow more than 3 cm a day, and the observant can notice changes in shoot length from day to day.
    • Those observant among you will have noticed that there is no author listed for this play.
    • The more observant readers of this blog may have noticed that I rather like him.
    • Mr Davies is a brilliant, observant journalist who sees and documents everything - then gets the analysis hopelessly wrong.
    • Ever the observant one, Barry notices these things about me even in these circumstances.
    • And I guess, obviously, the watch word for most travelers is be alert, be observant.
    • The observant may have noticed that the colour scheme of my blog broadly matches the colour scheme of my study, pictured below.
    • My sister came to see the place last night and was quite observant of everything.
    • The problem with their arguments, as observant readers will have noticed, is that their figures are rather shaky.
    • Can you recall a time when being alert and observant kept you safe?
    • The very observant may have noticed that I swapped webhosts over the weekend.
    • Some of the more observant had noticed the exchange while others remained oblivious.
    • You need to be much more observant and aware when on a motorcycle than when in a car.
    • And, being a fairly observant sort, I've noticed that most footballers are human beings.
    • It's my belief anyway that we should all be a little more empathetic and observant than we are about everything.
    • How observant you are to notice that two objects at the same temperature feel differently.
    • My last student was a real star, she was very conscientious and made very few mistakes because she was very alert and observant.