Traducción de observation en Español:


observación, n.

Pronunciación /ɒbzəˈveɪʃ(ə)n//ˌɑbzərˈveɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(examination, study)

      observación femenino
      (post/tower/ward) (before noun) de observación
      to escape observation pasar inadvertido / desapercibido
      • he has no powers of observation no es nada observador
      • to keep sth/sb under observation mantener algo/a algn bajo vigilancia
      • she was taken to hospital for observation la llevaron al hospital para tenerla en observación
      • observation balloon globo sonda
      • observation satellite satélite de observación
      • The very processes of measurement and observation influence the subject and change him.
      • Doctors in Bristol fearing a second more serious attack kept him at Great Western Hospital for observation.
      • He said that he could not do anything that required detailed observation.
      • Lighting can be adjusted by dimming when critical observation and monitoring are no longer necessary.
      • This strange limitation arises because the very process of observation is inseparable from the state being measured.
      • With nonhuman primates like macaques, the learning process occurs through observation.
      • Lee was to be kept in the hospital for further observation until this afternoon.
      • We use both field experiments and a dynamic game model to examine this counterintuitive observation.
      • Vaccination alone will not control an outbreak without concurrent isolation of cases and monitoring and observation of contacts.
      • Help was on the way in a very short time and the driver and passengers all got attention, and were sent to hospital for observation.
      • Just like social survey research, structured observation necessitates decisions about sampling.
      • Her companion, who sustained minor injuries, was being kept in overnight for observation in the Mater Hospital.
      • Declare a gang and gun amnesty to be followed by a three to six-month period of detailed observation and prosecution.
      • Due to emotional instability, she was sent to the psychiatric ward at the Eastern District hospital for observation.
      • One can readily accept that sacredness is not determined by the scientific criteria of measurement and analysis of observation.
      • In case of missing assessments, we carried forward the last observation.
      • Greek doctors had started to look at the issue of poor health and disease by using a process of reasoning and observation.
      • This process of using observation and experiment to refute false theories does not rely on induction in any way.
      • The process of observation is the receipt and recognition of raw information from the environment.
      • A daily visit from a health care worker is scarcely the same as the continual observation as hospital staff carry out their duties.

    • 1.2(recording, measurement)

      observación masculino
      to take an observation observar
      • For it is the duty of an astronomer to record celestial motions through careful observation.

  • 2

    observación femenino
    comentario masculino
    to make an observation hacer una observación / un comentario
    • So she wasn't surprised when he countered her obvious statement with an observation of his own.
    • I would like to make three brief, concluding observations by way of answering this question.
    • Just an observation: anybody else notice how many big brothers we have out there these days?
    • At some risk of attempting to show ancestors how to suck eggs may I offer the following observations?
    • The journalist then continued with a remarkable observation on public opinion.
    • I excerpted a quote that summed up the point of the piece, followed by an observation based on revelation.
    • Having often done so, I offer the following observations about the Foss Islands site.
    • Morris's criticisms and observations in two reports could not be more serious.
    • It was more of a quiet observation than a question but Marlo answered anyway.
    • In these observations you get criticized if you open your mouth at all.
    • The important issue that arises is how best to conduct this battle, and a general observation upon it seems in order.
    • That is the first point I raise as a general observation and comment.
    • There were, however, a number of more general observations in the judgment which we ought to note.
    • My observation, based on personal experience, is that some of the things you lose as you approach your third age are no real loss at all.
    • An appeal can be in the form of a funny question, a witty observation, opinion or comment.
    • In response his son made an observation and asked a question that surprised the Shopkeeper very much indeed.
    • It left his assistant Andy Watson to offer his observations on the game.
    • In addressing this bill, I have to make the observation that we have heard it all now.
    • It was a general observation, not one aimed at Johnston.
    • What a funny observation, and as I heard it from other girls I'm not really sure what boys think about it all.