Traducción de observation car en Español:

observation car

vagón panorámico, n.



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    vagón panorámico masculino
    coche panorámico masculino
    • Vintage carriages (restored at a cost of $15 million) include two dining cars, two club cars, a 1948 rear observation car, and Pullman sleeping cars (compartments have twin berths and enclosed toilets).
    • We also saw a rebuilt observation car with the same livery.
    • Reasonably priced meals were offered in the designated dining facility, located behind the observation car.
    • The lightning show was spectacular, though the cold shower pouring in between each car discouraged us from traveling to the observation car to watch.
    • Rail Journey's West is pleased to offer day trip accommodation aboard our famed vista-dome lounge observation car, the Silver Solarium.
    • The new trains were absolutely stunning from the huge turbine locomotive up front, all the way back to the lighted portrait of Chessie the cat on the rear of the dome observation car.
    • The Chessie's boat-tail observation car, with its fancy souvenir counter and automated route-map tracing the trains progress across the road, weren't conceived for those boarding at Hawks Nest, Hansford, or Handley.
    • An observation car at the end of the train enabled us to fully appreciate the awesome beauty of the snow-capped mountains.
    • There was even a bird's eye view screen for those who couldn't book their berth in the observation car.
    • Several people have told me about riding the international Pullman train, The Aztec Eagle, and watching a steam helper push right behind the observation car!
    • By the time the sun came up, the Express would be miles west of White Sulphur, and the observation car would be back in its proper position on the rear.
    • The Gelena 042, an observation car currently owned by the Timu Western Railway, is waiting there, to be transported to Pago Pago later this month.
    • The station is a converted observation car and quite comfortable - all things considered.
    • A blurred, agonizing glimpse into the dimly lighted observation car heaped to the ceiling with wreaths and flowers was all that Honey Creek got.
    • The open observation car was originally Canadian Pacific, used in British Columbia.
    • I spend most of the journey to Kaikoura in the observation car, a carriage with a roof and walls but no seats or glass in the windows.
    • I had packed and repacked six times, eventually settling on a patriotic tartan jacket for the first day - not a great choice as it turned out, as I resembled one of the upholstered sofas in the observation car.
    • I observed a steam locomotive, observation car and other equipment.
    • Seeing the West's great mountain ranges in their white coats, from the comfort of a dining or observation car, is an experience you owe to yourself at least once.
    • It takes 50 coffee-sipping minutes in the restored 1938 observation car.