Traducción de obstruction en Español:


obstrucción, n.

Pronunciación /ɑbˈstrəkʃ(ə)n//əbˈstrʌkʃ(ə)n//əbˈstrəkʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1(act)

      obstrucción femenino
      • But what's interesting to me is that we're talking about obstruction, and that is the issue that some people have just never learned a lesson about.
      • What is unhealthy is the growing habit of obstruction, delay and occasional flat refusal to co-operate.
      • The local population might have that knowledge because we don't know of any obstruction being removed.
      • That's why it's so troubling today to see Clark join in the same self-fulfilling wave of determined pessimism and obstruction he battled four years ago.
      • Alimentary canal obstruction canal obstruction should not be always assumed to be caused by faecal matter a this can be a tumour.
      • Foreign aid does not challenge Wilsonian principles; it involves cooperation, or at least a lack of obstruction, from foreign governments.
      • The integrity of Congress has been called into question by his obstruction and tampering and interference with an investigation.
      • Rather than substantive debate, political leaders are still adhering to a failed strategy of spite, obstruction, and conspiracy theories.
      • This official obstruction would seem to be a clear indication that the president is worried about embarrassing details emerging that could threaten his re-election.
      • Document all instances of denied access, lack of cooperation, or other obstruction to carrying out your mission.
      • For the administration and its conservative allies, the United Nations represents embarrassment and obstruction.
      • Remember, snoring means obstructed breathing, and obstruction can be serious.
      • He is tired of delays and apparently endless obstruction from planners, he said this week.
      • I suspect his obstruction of Johnson's appointment due to the abortive toxics study is related more to political posturing than to anyone's health or safety.
      • War reporters, working under threats to their safety and obstruction from military controllers, find their newsdesks demanding copy when they have few new facts to report.
      • Footpath obstruction is one of the most common complaints received by council.
      • The ultimate obstruction to carrying out our parliamentary duties is something that prevents us from exercising free speech.
      • By elevating these panels, we were able to ensure a true south orientation, free of obstruction, while at the same time providing some shade for the rooftop patio.
      • If the restaurant continues to defy the order, the mayor may be held responsible, and any action causing further delay or obstruction could be punishable by both fines and imprisonment.

    • 1.2Deporte

      obstrucción femenino
      • The Oilers are a free-wheeling, offense-oriented team that will benefit greatly from the crackdown on obstruction.
      • To combat the obstruction and generate scoring chances, teams must attack with speed and fight it out.
      • Melvin, too, was informed that the only player guilty of obstruction was Lopez.
      • After four minutes Barnhall were awarded a penalty when a Naas player was penalised for obstruction.
      • It's true that less obstruction helps all players and speeds up the game.

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    (in traffic, pipeline) obstrucción femenino
    Medicina obstrucción femenino
    Medicina oclusión femenino
    (to plans) obstáculo masculino
    (to plans) impedimento masculino
    move on please: you're causing an obstruction circule: está obstruyendo el paso
    • we encountered one obstruction after another encontramos un obstáculo / impedimento tras otro
    • an obstruction to sth
    • an obstruction to traffic una obstrucción del tráfico
    • a serious obstruction to progress un serio obstáculo al progreso
    • They cleared about 2,400 obstructions, most of them mined, and removed the charges from scores of Beetle tanks.
    • The dictionary meaning of gridlock is obstruction of traffic caused by queues of vehicles forming across a junction and causing further queues to form in the intersecting streets.
    • One hypothesis about the cause of sudden infant death syndrome is upper airway obstruction during sleep.
    • The tank's 115-mm main armament couldn't get low enough to blast the obstructions.
    • A survey was being carried out round the village, and some obstructions had been found in the sewer from the top of Armscote Road.
    • The first flood was caused by a combination of obstructions in the gutter and the absence of any overflow to deal with excess water not taken away by obstructed drains.
    • Nosehill Park is a large, open space and has absolutely no obstructions.
    • A canoeist who can read a river and avoid underwater obstructions is a priceless companion on any river trip.
    • Meetings and marches are subject to the laws prohibiting obstruction of the highway, public nuisance, and trespass, and to local authority by-laws.
    • The council decided this caused obstruction to traffic and painted yellow lines down both sides.
    • Emergency exits must be made of fireproof materials and must be clear of any obstructions, and must be illuminated at all times.
    • Lacrimal duct obstruction may result from swelling of the lining of the narrow tear passage, obstruction by mucus, pus or cellular debris.
    • The stairwell was exhausting, yet he encountered no fall away steps and no large obstructions as he made his way down.
    • Intestinal strictures and bowel obstruction may develop in patients with refractory sprue or celiac disease that has been untreated over a long period.
    • On Thursday five men who dressed as Father Christmas in Liverpool city centre in a protest over fathers' rights were charged with highway obstruction.
    • Check for depth and obstructions before diving, then go in feet first for the initial try.
    • An infectious cause should be suspected in children with signs and symptoms of airway obstruction accompanied by a prodromal illness or fever.
    • Because there had been no trains on the line for two days because of Christmas he was checking for fallen trees or other obstructions.
    • Councillor Pickup condemned the mobile takeaway on safety grounds, saying larger vehicles caused obstructions.
    • It is asking the tidy towns members to ensure that street furniture does not cause any obstructions for people with disabilities.
    • Apart from a few rocks obscured in shadow and a waist high metal guard rail, the area was clear of any obstructions.
    • The key attraction of high-clearance 4x4 cars in the city is their ability to deal with these obstructions.
    • Avoid blocks which will be overshadowed in winter by obstructions north of the house site.
    • The nylon line that anglers use frequently breaks when hooks become snagged on underwater obstructions or bankside vegetation.
    • Check that the attic space is clear of obstructions above where you wish to locate the skylight.
    • Traffic incidents included 15 motor accidents, 30 cases of traffic obstruction and 16 illegally parked cars.
    • There are no obstructions along the coast (just an oil rig near Rioconcha).
    • The complete route is along public rights of way, plus three deviations required by obstructions.
    • A thorough examination of the head and neck should be performed to look for obstruction, inflammation and infection.
    • The floor of the corridor was not level: beams and other obstructions poked through the walls at interesting heights.