Traducción de obtain en Español:


conseguir, v.

Pronunciación /əbˈteɪn//əbˈteɪn//ɑbˈteɪn/

verbo transitivo

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    (ticket/information/merchandise/results) conseguir
    (information/results/merchandise/ticket) obtener formal
    salt can be obtained from sea water se puede obtener sal del agua del mar
    • to obtain sth for sb conseguirle algo a algn
    • we can obtain that book for you le podemos conseguir ese libro
    • But the bill does not definitively bar statements obtained under torture or other abuse.
    • This might seem unusual, yet something similar may well be obtaining in many marriages.
    • This gender inequality obtains everywhere in this sector.
    • It is also suggested in the article that the same obtains in the United States, although no real source for that information is given.
    • The licensed acupuncturist also obtains informed consent from each patient.
    • The analysis was performed on natural log-transformed data, and parameters were obtained directly from the analysis.
    • But how does all this fit with what obtains here at home?
    • The same pattern obtains for Islam, as Woodward includes miracles associated with Muhammad and then a number of Sufi saints.
    • Consent was also obtained from parents and students.
    • He suggested that his apparent support for official policy was obtained under duress.
    • The results obtained by the 2 methods of specimen handling and DNA extraction were indistinguishable.
    • Because he felt as if he could never obtain what the couple shared.
    • The same foolishness, the same sterility, obtains in the ‘not serious’ as in the ‘serious’.
    • Under the old billing system, accountants and corporate officers could not easily obtain necessary data or documents.
    • There is absolutely no desire here to tinker with what obtains.
    • Or are we to go semi-professional like obtains on the domestic soccer front in Ireland, with such little attraction for fans.
    • That situation still obtains in the case of the distribution of power, resources and opportunities among the four provinces of the state.
    • The parameter estimates were obtained using simulated maximum likelihood with Halton sequences as described by Train.
    • Sadly, Dr Mumba's discovery at the ministry of Lands gives a clear picture of what obtains in the entire civil service.
    • The volume of apoplastic fluid obtained by centrifugation increased gradually when the centrifugal forces increased.
    • I should note that Welborn Rule obtains here: all posts to me are subject to possible posting, so be forewarned!
    • The commissioner found that the leave form was not authorised and the sick certificate was fraudulently obtained.
    • A new strain was one that had not been isolated from sputum samples previously obtained from an individual patient.
    • Serum samples were also obtained from 25 healthy blood donors which served as controls.
    • A genus-species relation obtains when a proper definition of the form X = YZ is possible.
    • We understand that over one million people in South Africa have fraudulently obtained licences or have none at all.
    • All estimates are obtained using four driving values and bridge sampling.
    • Do they use the same sort of violence and threats to obtain what they want?
    • It'll be my turn to prod the jelly tomorrow if silence still obtains.
    • It is our hope the situation obtaining on the Copperbelt is not a passing phase.
    • Probes were obtained by PCR amplification of the indicated loci.
    • After genetic isolation of P insertion chromosomes, the flanking sequences were obtained by inverse PCR and sequenced.
    • Fifteen years later, no shared national understanding obtains about those events.
    • Overall equilibrium obtains when these three markets are in equilibrium.
    • If the consent is dishonestly obtained, then there is still dishonesty.
    • A Catholic would say the same thing obtains with the Blessed Virgin.
    • But Descartes insists that a rational distinction also obtains between any two attributes of a substance.
    • The same of course obtains with respect to the ethnic grievance groups that oppose such measures in the name of equal treatment.
    • Suppose you start off with no information about which of the four possible combinations of truth values for A and B obtains.
    • Maps obtained in these studies are based on the third and the fourth extractions.

verbo intransitivo


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    (practice/belief) imperar formal
    (conditions) estar dadas
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    (be valid)
    (theorem/law) regir