Traducción de occupancy en Español:


ocupación, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɑkjəpənsi//ˈɒkjəpənsi/


  • 1

    (of building)
    ocupación femenino
    we can do nothing until there is a change of occupancy no podemos hacer nada hasta que no haya un cambio de inquilinos / ocupantes
    • there's a 20% surcharge for single occupancy hay un recargo del 20% si la habitación la ocupa una sola persona
    • the hotel achieved 90% occupancy el hotel estuvo ocupado al 90%
    • during his occupancy of the post mientras ocupó el cargo
    • Site occupancy generally increased following lighter mortality and decreased following heavier mortality.
    • The units, which are competitively priced, are ready for immediate occupancy.
    • Prices start at $899 per person, double occupancy, for an interior stateroom.
    • Members thought the Lake District National Park Authority should grant permission provided there was a local occupancy clause.
    • The homes will be covered by a covenant which restricts occupancy to local people.
    • The zone lengths were reflected in the corresponding state occupancies, which were all bell-shaped distributions.
    • Some facility executives still believe that occupancy sensors are the temperamental beasts of yesteryear.
    • A local occupancy clause has now been included for people who live or work in the area.
    • But again, there will be legally binding conditions which restrict the occupancy of the dwelling.
    • When two states occur in parallel, their estimated occupancy distributions are similar.
    • It was ready for occupancy in the summer of 1903 and they moved into the four-storey building with full basement.
    • Manchester had 57.4 per cent of prisoners sharing cells designed for single occupancy.
    • ‘More villas are under construction and will be ready for occupancy very soon,’ said Gu Weizhong of the group.
    • At least half of the 60 houses have been vacated and the remainder, except the 13, have agreed terms to cease occupancy.
    • They recommended single room occupancies and drug treatment programs.
    • If no partner is found, there is no surcharge for single occupancy.
    • They want to make sure the apartments can't be used for permanent residential occupancy or sold separately.
    • Of the remaining 13,000 cases, the Government claims that only 20 per cent relate to illegal or multiple occupancies.
    • The move allowed Blue Cross employees to reduce occupancy costs by consolidating its employees from 30 floors into eight.
    • All lodging prices are per night, double occupancy unless otherwise noted.