Traducción de occupation en Español:


ocupación, n.

Pronunciación /ɒkjʊˈpeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌɑkjəˈpeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1(profession)

      ocupación femenino
      what is your present occupation? ¿cuál es su ocupación actual?
      • Sadly the diversity of occupations and experiences that Congress has seems to be diminishing.
      • Mine was frequently decorated in accordance with my father's occupation.
      • A farmer by occupation, Tom spent all of his life in Mountain, his native townland.
      • Farming and fishing are the traditional occupations on the Family Islands.
      • Creative occupations, like music, sport or theatre bring pleasure.
      • On my visa I always put my occupation as ‘entertainer’.
      • Consider your occupation - banker or entertainer - and lifestyle before you select a suit style.
      • Every day he travels out to sea to go fishing which is his occupation.
      • But it would be interesting to see how the different artistic occupations differ from each other.
      • An occasional occupation as a fishing guide does not pay enough, Campbell commented as an after-thought.
      • I've had many occupations, including fishing and building houses and commercial buildings.
      • His payslips would state his occupation as something harmless and meaningless, like KGB agent.
      • Football players are known to suffer from relatively high rates of injury compared with participants in other sports and occupations.
      • Agriculture, forestry, and fishing are the occupations of 40 percent of the thirty million people who are employed.
      • I think that's why it is such an interesting occupation.
      • Or you have to change activities and occupations so that what you are doing is worth twice as much.
      • Due to his father's occupation, he grew up knowing about military matters.
      • The sample of 70 stay-at-home fathers was very diverse in terms of occupations, social class, and education levels.
      • In addition, we excluded 180 boys without information on fathers' occupation.
      • Tendonitis, which is associated with an occupation or a sport, is otherwise known as overuse injury or repetitive strain injury.

    • 1.2(activity)

      ocupación femenino
      looking after children is a full-time occupation cuidar niños es un trabajo que ocupa las veinticuatro horas del día / es un trabajo a tiempo completo
      • Yet Wu persisted, since learning about architecture was the only occupation that satisfied his pursuit of artistic excellence.
      • Now the brothers' passion for sport is a full-time occupation.
      • You see, floating on the river is my occupation, but winter is a rough time on the water.
      • Meanwhile the poachers had time to gather up their nets and other implements used in the pursuit of their nefarious occupation.
      • Avoids activities or occupations that involve contact with others
      • He mentions the doctrines, customs, occupations, and activities of various sects.
      • We are making every effort to try and soften the edges of these draconian rules but brick walls and head butting are pretty joyless occupations.
      • The large variety of tools allowed the prince to pursue diverse occupations, such as hunting, drawing, painting, or lathework.
      • Its main occupations are fishing and boatbuilding.
      • To his own mind, however, his real occupation was not the pursuit of wealth but the opening of souls.
      • In any case, keeping tabs on the crashes has been pretty much a full-time occupation over the past week.
      • Playing a game of chess is a quiet occupation, all about moves on the board and opponents rarely reveal anything.
      • Certain occupations and activities seem to favour the formation of comedones or acne.
      • These differences can be explained by different sources of exposure, such as through occupations or hobbies.
      • During the monsoon season the villagers divert their occupation to fishing and agriculture.

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    Militar ocupación femenino
    (of factory, university) ocupación femenino
    army of occupation ejército de ocupación masculino
    • forces of occupation fuerzas de ocupación
    • to be under occupation estar ocupado
    • The Soviets locked him up during their occupation in the 1980s.
    • As hundreds of Gama workers continued their 10-day occupation of Dublin building sites last night, the company again denied all allegations against it.
    • The workers began the occupation on June 22.
    • Tomorrow, all those who risked their lives to end the Nazi occupation will be remembered.
    • But he says Lebanon will always resist the Israeli occupation of its territory.
    • During their occupation of the building, police had pledged not to enter the prayer area in order to quell opposition.
    • Mauritania withdrew in 1979, but Polisario fought Moroccan occupation for 16 years.
    • Sooner or later every great French director must confront the guilty legacy of wartime occupation.
    • He demanded that occupation troops surrender themselves and their weapons.
    • Baby Bruce would have had little memory of Japan's wartime occupation of Hong Kong.
    • The American military occupation of Japan lasted from August 1945 through April 1952.
    • The next stage of this process is the permanent military occupation of ‘buffer zones’ on the West Bank.
    • Only Dalton's mother resists the enveloping gloom by taking part in a factory occupation.
    • Another 20 workers remain in occupation of a nearby M & S branch.
    • Shortly thereafter, both the Russians and Americans withdrew their occupation forces except for advisory personnel.
    • We feel that 35 years of foreign, illegal occupation is more than enough.
    • Like in Vietnam, the sooner the occupation forces pull out, the better for them.
    • Or do you support U.S. military occupation and for how long?
    • The mainly Muslim workers have been in occupation since the closure was announced.
    • Only in 1994 was he briefly restored to power through a US military occupation of the country.
    • Are those attacks escalating because of religious fervor or because of occupation of homelands by foreign forces?
    • There is a reason why only 6 % of his country supports our occupation of this faraway land.
    • But the alternative to negotiating with him is continued military occupation of the territories in force.
    • There has been a rise in the number of strikes and factory occupations.
    • Yet Makiya always opposed a protracted American military occupation.
    • We endure a genocidal occupation of our homelands and a humiliating denial of our existence as nations.
    • Some opponents have argued that voting will legitimise the on-going occupation.
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    (of accommodation, building)
    ocupación femenino
    the tenants are already in occupation los inquilinos ya han tomado posesión de la vivienda (or las oficinas etc.)
    • the house is ready for occupation la casa está lista para su ocupación
    • Many people regularly issue statements about the destruction, occupation or misuse of Auqaf properties.
    • Banned are freehold flats and maisonettes, shared-ownership properties and houses in multiple occupation, such as bedsits.
    • Mr Mason and his staff have worked through the half term break to prepare the new building for occupation on Monday.
    • Mr Omar says he went into occupation of the property in December 1990.
    • I can remember not too long ago it was in occupation and kept in good repair.
    • Who else would be interested in buying the House or her half share in the House with him in occupation?
    • She told me that builders have to notify their local council when a property is completed and ready for occupation.
    • Continued occupation of the site would be of great benefit to them.
    • The occupation of property may be, and often is, distinct from its value to the owner.
    • Many families living in the borough are in need of more suitable homes and unlawful occupation is stopping them from moving.
    • In April 1990 the claimant commenced his occupation of the premises.
    • Several of the old concrete ramps between floors were removed and the floors were filled in to create additional space suitable for occupation.
    • Both Maori and British common law require continuous occupation and control for common law ownership.
    • In all the situations in which the landlord is liable, the tenant in occupation will also be liable for the nuisance, as an occupier.
    • All the units have around 102 square metres of living space and will be ready for occupation by July.
    • One is a tax on property occupation, the other a supplementary tax on travel.
    • The effect of his decision is that the Defendants' continued occupation of the site is unlawful.