Traducción de occurrence en Español:


Pronunciación /əˈkʌr(ə)ns//əˈkərəns/


  • 1

    (event, instance)
    it is a frequent/rare occurrence ocurre/no ocurre con frecuencia
    • murders are an everyday occurrence here aquí los asesinatos son cosa de todos los días
    • the unusual occurrences of the previous evening los extraños acontecimientos de la noche anterior
    • there were two separate occurrences hubo dos casos independientes
  • 2

    incidencia femenino
    the occurrence of cancer among children la incidencia del cáncer en los niños
    • of less frequent occurrence de menor frecuencia y número
    • The isochronous data pipe can be stopped and started on the occurrence of specific events.
    • The discovery of new holes in Windows and Internet Explorer become an everyday occurrence.
    • He saw that she showed no sign of being scared on account of the occurrence of a political incident.
    • Such incidents and occurrences lead to misconceptions about Islam, which is essentially a religion of peace.
    • For me to be at a loss for words is a very rare occurrence.
    • "I think the industry should consider possible solutions to prevent similar occurrences in future, " Li said.
    • The operator confirms or discards the occurrence of a traffic incident based on the video screen review.
    • The company apologised to the court and said it has now introduced procedures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.
    • Career crisis is no longer a rare occurrence for Shanghainese in a society dominated by a market economy.
    • There is nothing really unique about this incident since similar occurrences happen regularly.
    • Chance occurrence of an event is one in which no cause can be identified explaining its teleological or purposeful specificity.
    • Pipher has noted that adolescent girls tend to report events and occurrences dramatically and emotionally.
    • Confrontations between Emperor Pedro I and local Brazilian aristocracy over the degree of centralization became common occurrences.
    • A sentinel event is an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical injury.
    • I sincerely hope this man will reflect on my response and consider his action in the event of a similar occurrence.
    • An unusual and rare occurrence happened at a golf tournament in Loughrea on last Saturday week.
    • Councillor Art Rempel agreed, but wondered what can be done to prevent similar occurrences in future.
    • I cannot imagine that these two occurrences are isolated incidents.
    • Conflicts between people are common, normal occurrences.
    • Second, we need to document unusual occurrences.