Traducción de oceanic en Español:


oceánico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌəʊʃɪˈanɪk//ˌəʊsɪˈanɪk//ˌoʊʃiˈænɪk/


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    • Furthermore, the importance of Pre-Columbian art even to Gauguin has been obscured in favor of Oceanic and, in particular, African art.
    • A later generation of Modern artists like Picasso, Miro and Klee were inspired by the primitivism and ‘savage’ aesthetic of African and Oceanic masks.
    • Sediments between the mafic sills in the Guaymas Basin are a mixture of continent-derived gravity-flow deposits and oceanic pelagic deposits.
    • They played junior hockey together for the Rimouski Oceanic.
    • The model, as advanced by Jeppsson, primarily relates to the generation of oceanic deep waters.
    • Numerous photographs show African and Oceanic chairs or stools in the corners of Mr. Mueller's Paris apartment and Solothurn home.
    • Planktonic foraminifera can be used to obtain data relating to surface water temperatures and oceanic circulation patterns.
    • A prevalent notion also exists that the basin was geographically restricted from oceanic waters.
    • Identifying pelagic hot spots on oceanic scales and linking these regions with oceanographic features is of high importance.
    • Standing in this forest, in the shadows of the mountains, at the edge of the oceanic abyss, I can't help thinking about Judas Iscariot.
    • This show examines how African and Oceanic art affected the sculpture of Jacob Epstein and Dora Gordine.
    • Additionally, gobies are usually the most abundant freshwater fish on oceanic islands.
    • Japanese also has close connections to various Oceanic (Malayo-Polynesian) languages.
    • Here the oceanic landscape of the Water country met the rolling plains and lush forests of the Air Queendom.
    • These data indicate that euxinic conditions were common in the water column during Mesozoic oceanic anoxic events.
    • This attenuation rate is similar to numerous others previously reported for various oceanic areas.
    • The Indo-Pacific is the most abundant oceanic region for aquatic life and Sipadan seems to be home for most of them.
    • The fact that they have 35,000 set-tops out there in Oceanic was good.
    • The deepest waters are found in oceanic trenches, which plunge as deep as 35,000 feet below the ocean surface.
    • It is uncertain whether coral reef ecosystems are oceanic sources or sinks of carbon dioxide.
    • The heartland stood in opposition to the maritime or oceanic lands, and would triumph.
    • The trio have been together for five years and have won numerous Dolphin Awards in that time for their entrancing, acoustic-driven Oceanic soul.
    • They will discuss a range of topics including Turkman jewellery and Australian Indigenous, Southeast Asian and Oceanic weaving.
    • The occurrence of major pulses of oceanic water has proved unpredictable, being non-existent during the 1980s.
    • Traveling across the Pacific, oceanic tides crash upon the Hawaiian Ridge and dissipate.
    • Although the display included Oceanic and Native American works, the largest section was African, with 104 pieces listed in the catalogue.
    • Seven paired samples were collected from a small oceanic reef near Lee Stocking Island in the Bahamas.
    • The Ministry of Culture of Oceania would also put Oceanic literature in their own schools to supplement the curriculum and reading material.
    • Max's painting has often reached into a sense of Oceanic space and brilliance, learnt also on the Pacific Coast of the US.
    • The new building will contain a special wing to house Wattis's donated collection of Oceanic art.
    • The two eastern forks of Long Island jut into oceanic waters, creating a mixing zone for currents and coastal and offshore migratory species.
    • Two-thirds of oceanic fisheries are now being fished at or beyond their capacity; overfishing is now the rule, not the exception.
    • This exciting musical concoction of Oceanic and Celtic world music will be held this Saturday, May 15, at Durrumbal Hall in Mullumbimby from 7.30 pm.
    • Moreover, the animals and the plants inhabiting oceanic islands bear the greatest similarity to species found on the nearest mainland.
    • But it wasn't until that moment that I realized Sieber was as wise in Oceanic art as he was in African.