Traducción de octave en Español:


octava, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɒktɪv//ˈɑktəv//ˈɑkˌteɪv/


Literatura Música

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    octava femenino
    • One of the most difficult passages for the violin in the first movement is a melodic minor one-octave scale in fingered octaves.
    • The main difficulty of the second section is the pages of interlocking octaves, chords and single notes covering the entire range of the keyboard.
    • Meanwhile, strong octave Bs in the bass, along with the lengthy pedals necessary to sustain them, create the tremendous resonance this passage requires.
    • Trotter uses this music to introduce octaves, accented rhythms, a whole tone scale and a continuous cross-hand pattern.
    • Rocky sung this quietly, and an octave lower than it was supposed to be.
    • Psychotic disco drums and vivacious octave bass lines introduce us to the Liars new mania.
    • In another, open octaves alternate with chordal homophony.
    • I hissed softly, my voice a few octaves higher than it should have been.
    • The coda makes use of octaves and large chords, which may cause difficulty for smaller hands.
    • His voice had changed, dropping several octaves.
    • These ratios produce the eight notes of an octave in the musical scale corresponding to the white keys on a piano.
    • He sang an octave higher than his master, to better suit his tenor.
    • Only one, ‘I Love to Tell the Story,’ has the melody in octaves in the bass.
    • They chant in a deep harmonic, which can be heard sounding three octaves at once during stages in the ritual.
    • What is it that makes notes one octave apart fit together so well?
    • Lerner conquered the score's thunderous octaves and tone clusters brilliantly.