Traducción de odd-job man en Español:

odd-job man

Pronunciación /ˌɒdˈdʒɒb man/

nombrePlural odd-job men

  • 1

    hombre que hace pequeños trabajos o arreglos
    • Detectives are interested in the past of their elderly odd-job man Romka.
    • Now this young boy was an odd-job man for all the families living in the vicinity of his home.
    • Comedy and tragedy in equal measure are to be found in a dying odd-job man's look back at the pivotal events of his life.
    • But Johnny the odd-job man isn't in the driving seat these days.
    • The play looks at a couple living in the English countryside whose elderly odd-job man comes under police scrutiny for long-past misdeeds.
    • Doug Campbell, Jack's odd-job man, e-mailed over our responses as to who we should back in the World Cup game tomorrow.
    • I've also had an expert opinion on my cat from a leading authority on Persians, who was posing as an odd-job man at my parents' house at the time.
    • He also came into contact with the material later in life as an odd-job man.
    • His days as an odd-job man around the north west are paying off because he is the ultimate story teller.
    • Most bizarrely of all, there are three mangy odd-job men, all brothers - Larry, Darryl and, confusingly, another Darryl.
    • He lived off benefits and the profits from dealing in cannabis, while telling people he was an odd-job man.
    • Her husband, who lost his job in a bank 16 months ago, has turned himself into an odd-job man and Elsa, a former teacher, helps to find him work.
    • One item he disagreed with was the addition of an odd-job man on the council staff.
    • Every odd-job man I have had lasts a couple of weeks and then doesn't bother coming back.
    • Standing outside the staid, stuffy institution of the same Tellson's mentioned above is Jerry Cruncher, the bank's odd-job man.
    • Because the soldiers were so well known and friendly to the local people at times they tended to treat them as always-on-call odd-job men.